By Chinenye Anuforo 

Huawei Technologies hosted the MTN Media Innovation Programme (MIP) Fellows to an exciting day of 5G demo experience and its penetration in Nigeria.

The session, which held in Lagos, aimed at fostering knowledge exchange and inspiring innovation among the Fellows.

The MTN Media Innovation Programme is a fully funded 6-week long programme spread across six months for media practitioners in the Nigerian space. The second edition, which commenced in May 2023, has enlightened the Fellows on the necessary convergence between ICT and the Media, Sensationalism and Fake News,  Advanced Media Reporting, Corporate communication strategies, Media laws & Taxation, Business Journalism, and Digital skills, among other subject matters, so far.

During the 5G event, Huawei’s technical team presented a series of enlightening use cases that explained the wide-ranging impact of 5G technology outside Nigeria, and the plans for expansion in the country. From healthcare to transportation to smart cities, the presentations highlighted the power of the technology in revolutionizing connectivity and enhancing everyday experiences.


Addressing the penetration of  5G technology,  Aihao Yin, Director, Business Solutions and Service Experience, Huwaei said, “The 5G penetration in Nigeria is still low, but it has changed the society so far, especially with the use cases such as hologram from MTN, Internet of Things (IoT), AR/VR, etc. However, the main advantage is the speed, which is three times faster than 4G. Nigeria still has the potential for wider 5G connectivity.”

In the week’s learning experience, various facilitators discussed telecoms and the ICT landscape (evolution from 2G-5G), Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain Technology, Business Revenue Models Technology, and 5G use cases in Nigeria.  These sessions have provided hands-on experience on the advancements enabled by 5G technology and its transformative potential across various industries. The Fellows were also awarded certificates on 5G Industry Progress and Use Cases Training by Huawei.

MTN’s collaboration with Huawei emphasizes its commitment to shared value initiatives for stakeholders through value-added business practices and solutions.

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