In the post-pandemic world, sometimes you work from an office. Sometimes you work from home. Sometimes you work from a mysterious third place, hopefully with a lot of sun (or at least good coffee). Whether that’s by the pool, on a plane, or from that cafe you love, there are gadgets that can help you be more productive without compromising the security of your work.

A laptop shade

A laptop shade does two things: It enables you to work in a bright place (like on a park bench) and it stops anyone nearby from seeing what you’re up to. There are quite a few options at a variety of price points. You can try a sun shade and privacy sleeve that doubles as a bag for $79.99, or a simple clip-on shade for $22.99.

Keep the sun off of your screen:

A foldable keyboard

A foldable keyboard will enable you to type on your phone, tablet, or other device with the ease of using your laptop. Try the Samsers version, which comes well-reviewed, or go deluxe with an aluminum model from Aluratek.

Give your mobile device a full keyboard:


A travel lap desk

You don’t have to balance your laptop on your literal lap if you’re commuting or otherwise out and about. Try the iSwift Pi travel lap desk, which folds into a variety of configurations to give you room to move while you work, or the AboveTK lap desk with a retractable mousepad.

Take you desk with you:

A portable laptop charger

Portable chargers have long been a must for your phone, but they often don’t have the oomph (or the right inputs) necessary to rev up your computer. The 24000mAh, 88.8Wh SinKeu portable charger, which has standard outlet on it, solves that problem for you. Roam as far as you want.

Juice up your laptop without an outlet:

A wireless scanner

“Work from anywhere” conjures up images of you lounging by the pool, but if you’re committed to doing work on paper from wherever you are, get a wireless document scanner like the Epson WorkForce ES-50 to keep business moving along.

A scanner that will work from anywhere:

A mini smart notebook

Finally, if you need to jot something down while you’re on the move, try a tiny version of the popular Rocketbook smart notebook. They make a mini spiral notebook that’s available for $16 and allows you to write on erasable pages and upload your handwritten work straight to your devices. Or, go fancy with Amazon’s Kindle Scribe, a version of their popular ereader that also functions as a smart notebook.

Take smarter notes, literally:

Need a tech-forward, spacious bag to haul it all? Check out our list of your best options here.

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