The Volkswagen ID.2ALL is delivering on a promise carmakers have been blowing exhaust about for years.  A truly affordable all-electric vehicle!

On paper, in images, and at press events, the pre-production concept car appears to be exactly what it claims.  Stylish, small but spacious, fuel-pump passer with solid range and capability.  And coming in at a price point of around $25,000.  Bingo!

⇒ iDriveSoCal’s VW dealer is Ontario Volkswagen

What We Know So Far – VW ID.2ALL

While the VW ID.2ALL is appearing like a Golf, inside and outside.  It’s an all-electric vehicle.

Additionally, the EV is platformed on VW’s new MEB architecture.  And Volkswagen is referring to this particular MEB as the “new MEB Entry Platform.”  (This might hint at things to come.)


The European carmaker is saying premium features are being added to the small EV.  Including Travel Assist, IQ.Light or Electric Vehicle Route Planner.

The range Volkswagen is currently promising comes in at 450 kilometers per full charge.  And that’s about 280 miles.  Plus VW is reporting that the charge jumps from 10 to 80% in approximately 20 minutes.  (Assumingly that’s with a Level 3, DC, fast charger.)

Technical Stats Volkswagen ID.2ALL

Zero to 100 km (aka 62 mph) in less than 7 seconds.  With a top speed of 99 mph.

VW ID.2ALL Dimensions:

  • Length 159.4
  • Wheelbase 102.3
  • Width 71.3
  • Height 60.2

*All inches

And the Volkswagen ID.2ALL delivers a cargo area of between 19.3 to 52.4 cubic feet.  Depending on whether the backseats are up or down.

VW ID.2ALL displays under backseat charger

Volkswagen ID.2ALL Coming To USA?

So before we get too excited here in the USA.  We need to tap the brakes a bit.  Because as of now the Volkswagen ID.2ALL is being slated for European markets only.

However, the planned 2025 European rollout could still mean something to the US market.  And in a couple of different ways.

Because ID.3’s rollout in Europe preceded ID.4’s in the US.  And Southern California Volkswagen Dealers like Ontario VW are selling tons of those.

But also, since the ID.2ALL is an electric vehicle that is very Golf-esque.  It seems to have a good shot at making its way to our shores.  And perhaps soon than later.



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