A brand new Level-Up pack is arriving in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 as players can earn free levels once they purchase the Viktora outfit.

Buying this new bundle will give gamers access to a ton of Hex tokens scattered throughout the map. The more you collect, the higher the reward.

Here is when the Viktora outfit will be landing in Fortnite and where you can find all of the tokens!

Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack Release Date

The Fortnite Viktora Level-Up pack will be landing in-game on July 27, 2023, according to data miner LoanDot.

At the moment, the exact time is unknown, but according to the leaker, the strings in the files mention this day as the release date.


Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack Price & Contents

The Viktora Pack is likely to have a price of 1,200 V-Bucks, which aligns with the cost of every previous Level-Up Pack.

For players who currently have no V-Bucks in their account, they will need to purchase the 1,000 V-Bucks bundle twice, resulting in the following costs:

Upon acquiring the pack, players will unlock the Viktora skin. However, to gain access to the additional items, they must collect Hex tokens in the following quantities:

  • Shadow Star Backbling: Collect 7 Hex Tokens
  • Woven Shadowblade Pickaxe: Collect 14 Hex Tokens
  • Sullen Shadow Weapon Wrap: Collect 21 Hex Tokens
  • Viktora Umbra Variant: Collect 28 Hex Tokens

Note that the specified numbers of Hex tokens are based on previous Level-Up Quest Packs. In case these numbers change, this article will be updated accordingly.

Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack Contents
Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack Contents
Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack - Price, Release Date, & All Token Locations 5

All Hex Token Locations for Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack

There are a total of 28 Hex Tokens scattered throughout the Fortnite map, according to LoanDot. These tokens can be found exclusively within the Jungle biome, with a few found on the edge of the snowy area.

You will have to collect each set of seven tokens in a specific order, we have labeled these by color:

  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Blue
Token Locations
Token Locations
Fortnite Viktora Level-Up Pack - Price, Release Date, & All Token Locations 6
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