One of the many appeals of Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting to live in the same village as a selection of beloved Disney and Pixar characters. However, you’ll find that there are only a handful of characters living in the valley during the game’s opening hours. In order to populate the valley with all of the Disney characters you’d like to get to know, you will need to complete a variety of quests and tasks to bring them back. Here’s how to unlock all characters currently in Disney Dreamlight Valley, including the very tricky Prince Eric.


Merlin from The Sword in the Stone is the first character you will meet after beginning Disney Dreamlight Valley. The wizard is available from the moment you start the game.


Wall-E is one of the few Pixar representatives in Disney Dreamlight Valley currently.
Wall-E is one of the few Pixar representatives in Disney Dreamlight Valley currently.

Wall-E, the lovable Pixar robot, can be invited to the Valley by entering his realm once you unlock the Magic Castle. After meeting Wall-E inside, you can complete a quest for him, which involves cleaning up garbage cubes, planting some plants, and acquiring some knick-knacks. After helping him out and placing his home back in your valley, he’ll be delighted to be your friend.


Moana can be found in her realm, which is unlocked by spending Dreamlight. On Moana’s island, you’ll need to collect some items around the area to help with repairing her ship. Together, you will need to search nearby areas on her ship to find a good fishing spot for her village. After finding a good fishing spot, Moana can be brought to the valley by placing her house in the valley, preferably on the beach.



Both Moana and Maui can be found in Moana's Realm.
Both Moana and Maui can be found in Moana’s Realm.

Maui can also be found in Moana’s realm. Maui cannot be invited to the island until after Moana has already relocated. You will need to bring him a couple of specific dishes that Moana tells you that Maui enjoys. After bringing him the dishes and clearing out some of the clutter on the beach, he will ask you to place his home in the Valley–more specifically, directly in the ocean.


Remy can be unlocked by heading into the Magic Castle and going to the Ratatouille realm. Remy will tell you that he is too busy with his restaurant to come to the Valley, but if you help him out, he will go. You will be tasked with making the dishes for a three-course meal. Remy will give you two meal options for each course and verbally tell you what ingredients to use for each dish. If you are struggling, check out our full recipe guide. To complete the quest you will need to make Ratatouille for the critic, just like in the movie.

Remy does not give you the recipe for Ratatouille, which you can see in our guide if you are struggling to complete the dish. After that you just need to set up Remy’s home somewhere in the Valley and he will move in.


Ariel can be found on an island nearby the Valley.
Ariel can be found on an island nearby the Valley.
Ariel can be found on an island nearby the Valley.

In order to unlock Ariel and Prince Eric, you will first need to complete « The Mysterious Wreck » quest for Goofy. This quest can be started once you have unlocked Dazzle Beach. Head to the small island in the southeastern part of Dazzle Beach. On the southern part of the island is a shipwreck. Find the oar nearby to start the quest. After speaking with Goofy he will task you with repairing the ship, which requires quite a few materials.

Once fixed, use the boat to travel to a different island where you will find Ariel in the water off the beach. Ariel will tell you that she can’t return to the valley because she can’t sense which way it is because it doesn’t feel like home. Return to the valley and build Ariel a home on the beach, at which point she will move there.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric will likely be one of the last characters you unlock due to needing to max Ursula's friendship.
Prince Eric will likely be one of the last characters you unlock due to needing to max Ursula's friendship.
Prince Eric will likely be one of the last characters you unlock due to needing to max Ursula’s friendship.

Unlocking Prince Eric in Disney Dreamlight Valley is the most complicated process of them all–so far anyway. Follow our guide to unlock Price Eric.


Ursula can be unlocked by heading to Dazzle Beach, the southernmost biome in the Valley. Once open, Merlin will task you with restoring the orb to its pillar in the area to fight off the Forgetting. This will have you enter a nearby cave where you meet Ursula, whom you’re unable to recruit until you get the orb and return to the pillar. In order to do this, you’ll need to retrieve the orb from another cave nearby, which requires you to solve three riddles in the « With Great Power… » quest. Once the quest is complete and the pillar is restored, Ursula will be free from the cave.


Anna can be found in the Frozen Realm, located on the second floor of the Magic Castle. Inside the Frozen Realm, you’ll immediately run into Anna, who needs your help calming the elemental spirits in the area. Put out fires and chase down the fire spirit, then make rock soup for the earth giant. After that, head forward to find Elsa on the opposite side of a raging river. Afterward, fish some metal out of a nearby pond to calm the spirit. When all of that is complete you will need to assist Elsa in calming the wind spirit by crafting three windchimes to place on trees in the realm. When you’re done placing the windchimes, the spirits will relax and Anna will agree to move to the Valley.


You can convince Elsa to move to the Valley once Anna already has.
You can convince Elsa to move to the Valley once Anna already has.
You can convince Elsa to move to the Valley once Anna already has.

In order to get Elsa to move to the Valley you’ll need to complete Anna’s first quest once she moves to the Valley. Anna will want to inspect a nearby ice cavern as a potential home for Elsa, but there are wooden stumps blocking the path. You’ll have to upgrade your shovel to clear these stumps. Once you’ve collected the components to do so, you can craft the upgrade at a crafting bench and use it to upgrade the shovel.

Using the shovel in the Forest of Valor, clear a path to the Ice Cavern. You’ll need to take a picture of it, then Anna will write a letter to Elsa for you to deliver. Return to the Frozen Realm and deliver the letter, which will prompt Elsa to move to the Valley.


Kristoff can be found in the Forest of Valor, one of the unlockable biomes. This is located to the east of the plaza and northeast of Dazzle Beach. Once you unlock the Forest of Valor, you can find Kristoff standing near a portal, near the Pillar in the southern part of the area. Once you talk to him, you will start the quest to restore the orb in the Forest of Valor and unlock Kristoff as a friend.

Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel can be found in the Glade of Trust, a swamp-like biome in the southwestern part of the Valley. In the center of the Glade of Trust is a large tree, which is also Mother Gothel’s house. Head inside and speak with her. She will reveal that she used dark magic to create a spell to trap someone inside their home and it backfired, trapping her in her home. Since you entered her home, you let the magic out.

This unlocks Mother Gothel as a character in the Valley, although her magic will lock some characters in their homes temporarily until you continue on and finish her quest.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck can be found in the Forest of Valor. Specifically, Donald is inside the Dark Grove, which can be traveled to via the portal near Kristoff as part of the main quest in this area. After entering the portal, you will need to speak with Merlin for a solution to save Donald.

You’ll have to combine some materials with a plant from the Dark Grove. This creates an Enchanted Feather. Return to the Dark Grove and follow the feather as it floats. You need to follow it perfectly and if you take a wrong turn, you’ll need to start from scratch. You can find Donald at the end of the Dark Grove and return him to the Valley.


Goofy is already living in the Valley at the start of the game, but you will need to progress through the tutorial a bit before you meet him. You’ll unlock the Peaceful Meadow during the tutorial, where you can find Goofy’s first stall and house. After opening this area, you will meet Goofy and be tasked with repairing his stall by paying Scrooge.

Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is in the Valley from the start. To meet Mickey, all you need to do is clear the Night Thorns from in front of his home. Once cleared, head inside and you can meet the iconic mouse.

Minnie Mouse

The ethereal version of Minnie can be spotted around the Valley early in the game.
The ethereal version of Minnie can be spotted around the Valley early in the game.
The ethereal version of Minnie can be spotted around the Valley early in the game.

Unlocking Minnie Mouse requires you to level up your friendship with Mickey and complete several of his quests. While Mickey will give you a few tasks before she is unlocked, Minnie is unlocked during the « Memory Magnification » quest, which is unlocked when he reaches friendship level 8. The basic story is that Minnie is still present in the village, but she has been forgotten. This results in her wandering the village as an ethereal being.

The « Memory Magnification » quest requires you to collect some materials, which you will combine with Minnie’s Bow to create the Dreamlight Magnifier. This will stabilize Minnie briefly, at which point she says she needs an anchor in the Valley (her house). Talk to Mickey, who gives you the plans, then place them in the Village and pay Scrooge to build the house. This returns Minnie to the Valley, unlocking her friendship.

Scrooge McDuck

Scrooge is also living in the Valley from the very beginning. He can be found standing outside his closed store early in the game. You will need to assist him in reopening his store by making some coins by selling items to Goofy.


Scar’s home is a giant elephant skull found just to the right of the entrance to the Sunlit Plateau, but you can’t enter until you complete Mother Gothel’s quest « The Curse ». When you’ve handled her request, you’ll then be able to meet with Scar at his home and accept his first quest, which will send you to a nearby cave to do some exploring. At the end of the mines, you’ll find that you need to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer. Follow the questline until you have to place the root beer in a barrel to bring life back to Sunlit Plateau’s water supply.

With this out of the way, you can head outside and follow The Forgotten there to enter into a portal. Grab the Lifeless Orb of Nurturing and take it to Merlin, who will ask you to make a Miracle Growth Elixir. Do that, use the elixir, and then return to Merlin to receive the orb from him. Now you’ll be able to plant it near the Pillar of Nurturing in Sunlit Plateau, water it a few times over a couple of days, and ultimately complete the quest to earn Scar’s friendship.

Buzz Lightyear

Unlocking Buzz Lightyear requires you to open the door to the Toy Story realm on the second floor of the castle. Once inside the realm, you can speak to Buzz and take on the quest « A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space. » This will ask you to complete a series of fetch quests around Bonnie’s room to aid Buzz and Woody in putting on a play for Bonnie.

You’ll eventually have to run around taking some pictures of her drawings, which Buzz will mention he wants to improve on with materials he can’t get in Bonnie’s room, at which point you invite him to live in your valley and seek the materials there. Head back to your valley and build Buzz’s RV anywhere you’d like to finally unlock his friendship.


To unlock Woody, you’ll need to follow the steps outlined in Buzz Lightyear’s unlock requirements, following the « A Secret Mission in Uncharted Space » quest until you eventually run into Woody in Bonnie’s Room. Continue onward to unlock Buzz’s friendship by building his RV back in your valley. Afterward, return to the Toy Story realm to speak with Woody again and begin the quest « You’re My Favorite Deputy. »

The « My Favorite Deputy » quest will ask you to pick up some loose items around the room, then Woody will request that you gather two yellow daisies and speak with Buzz. Buzz will give you some glue, and then you can pick the daisies in Peaceful Meadow before returning to Woody once more. Your final task for Woody will be to round up Bonnie’s origami animals around the room, and completion of this task will result in Woody agreeing to check out Dreamlight Valley. Return to the valley and build Woody’s Carousel to finally earn his friendship.


Unlocking Stitch requires you to find some slimy socks laying on the ground on Dazzle Beach and give them to Donald to begin the quest « The Mystery of the Stolen Socks. » Follow our guide for unlocking Stitch to find out the rest.


We received the quest « The Great Blizzard » upon logging in after Olaf was added to the game. You’ll have to speak with Merlin about the blizzard in Frosted Heights, then head up and look on the northern wall for a new door with footprints outside of it. Inside, Olaf will ask you to go out into the blizzard and track down four shadowy squirrels to get his items back. Now go speak with Elsa, then head to the pillar in Frosted Heights and water the glowing spot in front of it, then do a bit of chatting.

Olaf will ask you to complete a few tasks around the cave before requesting that you gather some items. Pick up the pieces of the shattered prism in the cave, go gather the remaining materials listed in the quest, and craft the Dreamlight Prism. Return to the cave to place it on the pedestal near Olaf. Now focus on the six pedestals ahead and put an amethyst on the bottom right, a citrine on the middle left, and an emerald on the upper right to begin the final simple steps to earning Olaf as your friend.


Mirabel requires you to find a golden doorknob somewhere in the valley and run a few errands to earn her friendship. Follow our guide for unlocking Mirabel.


Unlocking Nala will first require you to visit the Lion King realm, which you can open in the castle for 10,000 Dreamlight. When you first arrive, she will offer you the « Eyes in the Dark » quest, which will require you to dig up some old bushes and plant their seeds to block hyenas from going through a path. Afterward, follow her to the jungle where she’ll ask you to find Simba. Cross over the rushing water and use your pickaxe to break the stone there and make a tree fall down. Cross it to find Simba a little further in the jungle.

Follow Simba back to Nala, then speak to him to continue the quest, where he’ll request that you round up a bunch of grubs around the realm. Fish up three near the lions, then head back to the dried-out oasis to find six more. After this, he’ll ask you to go dig up a stump near where you found him, then chase and capture six red bugs. When you’ve finished this, cook up some Bug Platters and give them to Nala.

Now you’ll have to head back to your valley and speak with Scrooge McDuck to get the Sound System, then repair it using Softwood x10, Hardwood x5, and Iron Ingot x2. Take it back to Nala and continue speaking with her until you’re prompted to place Pride Rock in your valley. Do so, and Nala will move to the valley and give you the follow-up quest to recruit Simba, too.


Unlocking Simba will first require you to visit the Lion King realm, which you can open in the castle for 10,000 Dreamlight. Follow Nala’s quest there (as detailed above) until she moves to the valley, at which point she’ll give you the « Stars to Guide Us » quest. Head back to the Lion King Realm and speak with Simba. Follow him until you’re prompted to go talk to Merlin.

Craft Rafiki’s Walking Stick by using Softwood x5, Fiber x5, and Purified Night Shard x2. Return to the Lion King Realm, speak with Simba, then place the stick on the stone beside him. After the cutscene, select to fix up the dried-up oasis, then follow Simba there. Tell him you’ll find some plants, then seek out seeds by digging up the various glowing plants around the jungle (nine in total). Take the seeds to Simba, then dig nine spots and plant them. Speak to him again, at which point you’ll need to use your pickaxe to break a nearby rock to allow water to flow back into the dried-up oasis. Speak to Simba a final time, then head back to your valley to have him join it.

Fairy Godmother

Unlocking the Fairy Godmother starts when you visit her pumpkin home in the Forgotten Lands. Speak to her to begin the « Miracles Take Time » quest, which first tasks you with rounding up five Purified Night Shards. Combine the required Dream Shards and Night Shards to make the Purified Night Shards, then take them back to her. Follow her to the mountain in the middle of the Forgotten Lands, then enter the home she reveals.

Inside, you’ll have to find some memories scattered around on pedestals, so gather them and give them to Fairy Godmother, then follow her through the next portal. Speak to Mickey, gather five flowers, then craft the Hideous Bouquet. Give the bouquet to Minne nearby, then return to Mickey who tells you to go talk to Goofy. Gather the ingredients all around the area, then make the meal for Goofy and return it to him. Now speak to Minne once more to prompt a cutscene,

When you’re back outside, speak to the Fairy Godmother and enter the next portal. Talk to Mother Gothel, follow her to the pillar, rip out the orb, and show it to her. Fish from golden puddles until you get her missing mirror, then return it to her. When the cutscene ends, grab the memory from the pedestal, then follow Fairy Godmother to the final portal.

Inside the last portal, speak to Scar, then go and kick all of the flowers in the area. After talking to him again, go pick up Night Thorn Seeds from a rock against in this area, then plant and water them at the spots mentioned in the quest. Pick up the orb and take it to Scar, then talk to Merlin who runs at you here. When you’re back with Fairy Godmother, grab the last memory from the pedestal. Try to take the Orb of Remembrance in the center of the room to find that it gets stolen out from under you. When you return to Fairy Godmother in the Forgotten Realms, you’ll finally unlock her as a villager.


Vanellope’s quest starts by speaking with Scrooge McDuck about a mysterious haunting in the Dream Castle and then engaging with the game’s unique DreamSnaps feature. Follow our guide to unlocking Vanellope.


Unlocking Belle first requires you to head to the Dream Castle and use 12,500 Dreamlight to open the Beauty and the Beast Realm. This will give you the « Into the West Wing! » quest, which you’ll need to complete to invite Belle to your valley. From there, simply follow our guide for how to unlock Belle and Beast.


Unlocking Beast will require you to spend 12,500 Dreamlight in the Dream Castle to access the Beauty and the Beast Realm. Afterward, you can follow our how to unlock Belle and Beast guide, and you’ll finally unlock him at the very end (soon after Belle joins your valley).

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