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How will EVs disrupt the car dealer status quo? Auto Trader at Car Dealer Live – Car Dealer Magazine

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Used car pricing, the surge in electric car sales and what consumers really want from car dealers will be at the forefront of an exclusive Auto Trader presentation.

The advertising giant is the headline partner of Car Dealer Live – our unique conference set to be held at the British Motor Museum at Gaydon on March 9. 

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The live event – with the slogan the future of the car dealer – will feature presentations from Auto Trader, Google, Cox Automotive and Close Brothers Motor Finance.

All these firms are carrying out exclusive research for the event, which will be revealed live on stage. 

Leading car dealers, including Cambria Automobiles CEO Mark Lavery, as well as independents and car manufacturer bosses, will also join our editors on stage for a variety of thought-provoking panel sessions.

In-person tickets for dealers and suppliers, as well as streaming tickets, are available now.

Auto Trader chief operating officer Catherine Faiers has given Car Dealer an insight into what she’ll be presenting at the event in the special video above.

She said: ‘I’m really looking forward to the event. We’ll be looking to bring our unique insights into what’s happening with demand with car buyers, what we’re seeing on the supply side and what’s happening with pricing. And we’re looking to apply specifically an electric vehicle lens to that insight. 

‘We know that one of the big forces of change we’re going to see this year is electric used car vehicles increasingly growing in volume of stock. 

‘And we’re seeing huge changes on the consumer side in the demand that we’re seeing from buyers for that stock, and in the behaviours that we’re seeing for those electric vehicle buyers.

‘That will have huge implications for how retailers think about sourcing, pricing and advertising those cars.’

Auto Trader will also delve into the changes that are likely to come thick and fast as the automotive industry accelerates towards the 2030 deadline.

Faiers added: ‘The advent of electric vehicles and that 2030 deadline is driving change in a number of areas – big changes in who’s actually making and manufacturing the cars, and we’re seeing some of the new entrants gain a significant share.

‘And we’re seeing on the buyer side big changes in that buying journey that consumers are going on to purchase their electric vehicle and the questions that they’re asking.

‘There’s lots of disruption on both the supply side and the retailer side – and also in terms of that car buyer behaviour.’

Faiers added that she was looking forward to getting back to a live event where the industry can ‘connect and be back together again’.

More than 75 per cent of the tickets for Car Dealer Live have now been sold. More details and tickets can be found on the dedicated event website

Car Dealer Live – the future of the car dealer – exclusive conference features talks from leading car dealers, Google and Auto Trader among much more. Find out the full event details and book tickets.

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