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Success in the US remains key, as it has since the first British Jaguars and MGs created the market post-war, although Jato cautions that American demand for sports cars is fragile and that without new demand from China (which bought just 17,300 in 2022), the segment “doesn’t have a driver of growth”.

Proving that newest is best, at least for sales, the GR86 outsold Mazda’s perennial best-seller, the MX-5, in the affordable sports car segment.

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Jato analysis: “For supercars, it’s pretty much the case as in the coupé segment. The US continued to drive the volume (59,600), but demand barely grew. Instead, growth was driven by Europe, where Ferrari and Porsche are still strong.”

The best-selling sports cars in 2022

Tesla Model Y becomes new king of EVs while BYD leads the Chinese charge

SUVs are the killer app in the car industry – so, as expected, the Tesla Model Y grabbed the global EV crown from the Tesla Model 3. The duo sold 1.15m combined – more than the next five EVs added together. And compared with Volkswagen, whose complete corporate strategy has been redrawn around EVs, Tesla sold four Model Ys for every one ID 4.

Last year’s surprise success, the Wuling Hongguang Mini EV (China’s cheapest car, at around only £4000), continued to prosper, but new rivals slowed its rate of growth.

With three models in the top 10, BYD is consolidating its position as a serious global EV player and one that Jato believes will only strengthen in coming years.

For Europe’s brands, the EV sector remains a challenge in terms of global sales. The RenaultNissanMitsubishi Alliance, an early adopter of EVs, is losing ground, although Stellantis had some strong launches and Volkswagen enjoyed success with the ID 4.

The onward march of Chinese EVs nudged Stellantis down two positions compared with 2021, behind Geely and BYD. Volume totalled 274,000 units versus the 1.24 million of Tesla.

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