Published: Jul 26th, 2023, 15:28

To accommodate the return of the Lever Action Shotgun, Fortnite has changed the way to obtain Maven Auto Shotgun. Here’s how to find this weapon in the latest update.

If you’re wondering how to find Maven Auto shotgun in Fortnite, then your search ends here. It is a fast-firing and fully automatic shotgun that deals moderate damage and range, with a headshot multiplier of 1.75x and a maximum damage cap of 120 to 140, depending on the rarity.

The Maven Auto shotgun is a good choice for players with worse aim, as it allows them to quickly recover between shots and spray their enemies with pellets. However, with the latest 25.20 update, Epic has changed how it is obtained. So here’s how you can get your hands on the Maven Auto Shotgun in Fortnite’s latest update.

How To Get Maven Auto Shotgun In Chapter 4 Season 3

Maven Auto Shotgun Can Be Purchased From Kitbash Npc In The Latest Fortnite Update
Maven Auto Shotgun can be purchased from Kitbash NPC in the latest Fortnite update. (Picture: Epic Games)

To accommodate the return of the Lever Action Shotgun, the Maven Auto Shotgun is now currently only obtainable from Characters in the latest Fortnite update. To be more specific, you can obtain the Maven Auto Shotgun from Kitbash NPC for 250 gold. It’s worth noting that the shotgun is no longer a part of the floor loot.

This NPC sold us the weapon during our playthrough, but other nonplayable Fortnite characters could also have it for sale. Therefore, we’ll make sure to update this article once we have more info regarding it.

Where To Find Kitbash In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3

Kitbash Can Be Found At The New Poi, Breakwater Bay
Kitbash can be found at the new POI, Breakwater Bay. (Picture: Fortnite.GG)

Kitbash is one of the characters you can hire in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. He is a Heavy Specialist who can help you deal more damage to your opponents with his Maven Auto Shotgun. He is located at Breakwater Bay, north of the Citadel.

Breakwater Bay is a new location added in Season 3, along with other jungle-themed areas. It is a small island with a lighthouse, a shipwreck, and some wooden structures. You can find Kitbash near the lighthouse, where he will offer you his services for some gold bars. If you hire him, he will follow you around and shoot at any enemies he sees. He can also upgrade your weapons for a lower price than usual.

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