Travis Scott’s Icon Series Outfit has not been seen in the Fortnite Item Shop since April 27, 2020. Given that other Icon Series Outfits have been regularly added to the Item Shop, this was rather odd. It would seem that due to unforeseen circumstances and controversies, the cosmetics were seemingly vaulted. While the Outfit is still in popular demand even to this day, there’s nothing that can be done.

However, in a startling revelation made by Tim Sweeney – Epic Games CEO, that’s not the case. Under a tweet pertaining to an unrelated topic, a fan asked Tim Sweeney if Travis Scott’s cosmetics were blacklisted. Given that all charges against him have been dropped and the community wants him back in-game, why then has Epic not done the same? Suffice to say, the reply was an unexpected one.

« Travis Scott is welcome in Fortnite » – Tim Sweeney breaks silence after three years

@AdamThierer @TimSweeneyEpic did you blacklist Travis Scott cosmetics? He’s been cleared of all charges so why has he not come back to the game when the community wants him? He’s the most popular icon series skin and is the most sought out after skin in the game. Is he allowed?

According to Tim Sweeny, Travis Scott is welcome in Fortnite and the metaverse. However, he’s unsure when the Icon Series Outfit wil be featured in the Item Shop as he’s not aware of the rotation cycles. Given that he does not deal with cosmetics, it makes perfect sense. Here’s what he had to say:

« Travis Scott is welcome in Fortnite. I’m just not in the loop on item shop rotations so I don’t know what’s coming when, or what specific agreements with celebrities and brands affect the timing of those decisions. »

Rather than Epic Games not wanting to bring back Travis Scott to the Fortnite Item Shop, it may just be that he does not want his cosmetics added back. As it stands, the Travis Scott Icon Series Outfit is the rarest in its category. Having been vaulted for over three years, it’s become exclusive in nature. That being said, even if the Outfit makes a return, will players want to purchase the Outfit?

What does the community think about the Travis Scott Icon Series Outfit coming back to the Item Shop?

Given that not everyone is fond of Travis Scott given the numerous controversies surrounding the artist, it’s hard to tell if bringing the Outfit back is a good idea. However, as surprising as it would seem, the majority of comments under a post made by veteran leaker/data-miner HYPEX suggest otherwise:

@HYPEX So he can come back anytime now, it just need Travis’s approval?

@HYPEX they should add more styles and bring back the concert on eufn or something

@HYPEX I want OG style if he comes back

@HYPEX People freaking out over nothing. Of course he’s welcome in fortnite, if he wasn’t he would of been removed from the game.

Most players seem to be open to the idea of having the artist feature once more in the Fortnite Item Shop. That being said, this does not confirm that the Travis Scott Icon Series Outfit will make a comeback. If everything hinges on the artist’s decision itself, there’s nothing that Epic Games can do.

@bulcsuhd @HYPEX Yes, pretty much.
Although I remember Travis saying himself that it was only going to be sold around the concert event.

He wanted it be a one off tribute to him and his fans, I don’t think he wants it to come back, which makes sense as the skin will only become more legendary.

For the time being, the Outfit will remain rare and very exclusive in nature. Those who managed to purchase it in 2020 are few of the lucky ones. On that note, until Travis Scott or Epic Games confirms another collaboration, everything else should be considered as hearsay and speculation.

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