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The most recent Fortnite patch 25.20, has added new content and several items to Chapter 4 Season 3. However, players have discovered an Easter egg on the island and believe it points to a possible Marvel crossover similar to Chapter 2.

Fortnite is well-known for its collaborations with pop culture franchises, films, and anime. Over the years, a variety of characters such as Goku, John Wick, and Batman, have been added to the game as cosmetic outfits, and Epic Games has provided players with thrilling gameplay content related to these crossovers.

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However, one of the most prominent crossovers in Fortnite occurred in Chapter 2 Season 4 when Marvel characters brought the Nexus War. It became the pinnacle of collaborations for the game as players donned their favorite superhero’s skin and used their powers to win the Victory Royale.

Now that Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 has a plethora of crossovers, the recent 25.20 patch’s Easter egg discovery has players pondering if the game will receive another Marvel collaboration.

Fortnite players discover Marvel easter egg on Chapter 4 Island

A Fortnite user called Sentinel Central posted an image on X with a couple of folders from Stark Industries lying on a desk in the game.

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According to the user, these files were found near Creaky Compound and could be a “reused asset” with the 25.20 patch that was deployed recently.

Yet, when players saw the image, their speculations for a future crossover ran wild as they started visiting the POI to get a glimpse of the Marvel Easter egg. One such fan commented, “Well technically Galactus isn’t dead, so he might be after the Zero Point again and the Avengers are back maybe?”

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Another one chimed in, “Idk I hope it’s more comics, also it could be a new Iron Man skin, or a new collab season.” A third said, “Add War Machine to the game already, please. The fact that after so much time Rhodey is still missing is a crime.”

While the appearance of Stark Industries files could be the result of a bug while attempting to add Dr. Slone-related assets to the Island, players still hope for another crossover-themed season and the chance to relive the Marvel Nexus War moments.

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