A much-needed, yet typically Epic, refresh of Fortnite is needed. Fans have become bored with Chapter 4 Season 3 amid a « stale » battle royale experience.

So with Season 4 looming, it seems like Epic has something up its sleeve to try and ramp up the ante, although there’s some rather sheepish collateral damage.

According to leaks, Fortnite’s ever-existent Loot Llamas are being culled and sheared from existence in Season 4. Apparently, Epic is preparing to vault Loot Llamas. 

Fortnite Season 4 expected to vault Llamas

Fortnite Llama
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Fortnite leaker « FNChiefAko » has now claimed that the upcoming Chapter 4 Season 4 bonus will see the Loot Llamas penned inside the vault, removing their fruitful pinata goodies and the cute face that has become a significant part of the Epic Games brand.


The Loot Llamas have been in Fortnite since 2018, where they were added in the original Season 3 and become a loot haven for players across the map.

It is somewhat of an Uno reverse card for Fortnite too, given that their population had been increased from three per game to five. Now, they will follow the Dodo into extinction.

Raptors set to join Llamas in Fortnite’s animal exile 


While Loot Llamas have always been a bonus for Fortnite players, other animals haven’t been as kind. The sharp-toothed Raptors are sometimes more menacing than fruitful, depending on your inventory wealth.

But Epic appears to be having an exile of the animal kingdom, as joining Llamas in this updated vault-stroke-zoo will be the Raptors, according to the leaker.

They also suggested that we’re heading to a desert biome, which might explain some of the inhabitants being changed, let’s just hope that Lil Whip doesn’t perish in the sunlight too.

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