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With Fortnite’s latest 25.20 patch release, data miners snooped around encrypted files added to the game and uncovered several impending cosmetics, including a Terminator skin and other items. A Fortnite leaker shared the info that the skin may return, but with a twist.

Fortnite is no stranger to collaborating with well-known entertainment franchises. James Cameron’s The Terminator franchise was one of the most anticipated crossovers that surprised the player base.

Sarah O’Connor and The T-800, two of the most recognizable characters from the franchise, were added as cosmetic skins to the Item Shop. Players could assume the role of their favorite character and unleash their inner machines or human warriors on the Battle Royale island.

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However, after the release of the crossover, fans demanded that the Arnold Schwarzenegger version of The Terminator also be released. While Epic Games previously refused to comment, a potential leak disclosed by a well-known Fortnite leaker indicates that fans may also get a new Terminator crossover in the current season.

Fortnite leaker claims Terminator skins featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger are returning to the game

Renowned Fortnite leaker iFireMonkey posted several images on X of a rumored Terminator collaboration coming soon to the game.

A Facebook user named “Barbieharp On Fortnite” posted the leaked image, which was ultimately taken down later. Nonetheless, the leak depicts Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator’s cosmetic ensemble, which includes an outfit, Skynet Llama back bling, and a HK-Aerial glider.

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The leaker also shared an Item Shop video showcasing the cosmetic items in their complete glory; however, they cannot confirm whether or not this is an actual leak or merely a concept. Nevertheless, iFireMonkey believes such a crossover is possible in the immediate future based on their past experience with other leaks.

An excited fan commented, “No way, if this is real that means they got the rights to use Arnold’s face, and that’s awesome! Got this update is leaving my V-Bucks bone dry”. Another one chimed in, “Damn, I figured it’d be the T-1000. This is just as amazing, if not more so.”

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A third one said, “Shame it couldn’t just be a style but at least we finally got Arnold”. While the player community strongly believes that the crossover is soon possible, they still await an official announcement from either Epic Games or the Terminator himself.

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