Fortnite’s latest update has hit bringing in a brand-new crossover. Rather than bringing some giant of gaming or a big anime franchise, Fortnite is turning its attention to western cartoons. We’re getting Fortnite X Futurama! It’s a big new crossover that brings the Matt Groening cartoon into the world of Fortnite. Fortnite Futurama has been a particularly surprising crossover. The characters only even appeared as Fortnite leaked skins a few days before it became official!

This is a crossover that’s bringing in new skins, other cosmetics, and even an in-game item. It’s on the bigger size as far as these collabs go, involving not just skins but items in-game too. The latest Fortnite collab tackles something a bit different, this is what’s been added.

Fortnite Futurama

Source: Epic Games

Fortnite X Futurama

The newest collaboration brings the sci-fi cartoon’s three main characters into Fortnite. To coincide with the latest revival of the cartoon, a new set of three skins has come to the in-game along with a few smaller changes in-game.

Fortnite Futurama Cosmetics

The bulk of the Fortnite X Futurama collab is three skins and some extra cosmetics to go with them. These are sold in two bundles, with all three characters in one and their associated items in another. These are all of the new items we’ve gotten.

  • Fry Skin
  • Leela Skin
  • Bender Skin
  • Ben Rodriguez Back Bling
  • Unbendable Girder Pickaxe
  • Hypnotoad Back Bling
  • Giant Nutcracker Pickaxe
  • Nibbler Back Bling
  • Solid Gold Fiddle Pickaxe
  • Planet Express Ship Glider
  • Zoidberg Scuttle Emote.

The skins are definitely something fresh for the game. We’ve seen the cartoon filter in Fortnite applied to anime along with Rick and Morty in the past. The Fortnite Futurama skins present a unique challenge though. They’re designed around large overbites, which frankly never look quite right head on. Since the show primarily takes place in a 3/4 view, it sometimes doesn’t translate well to 3D games like Fortnite.

Epic have gone for a clever workaround here though. The skins’ faces seem to naturally pose looking off to the side. While you can get some strange angles on them, it’s actually presented in a much better way than past 3D versions of these characters. They’re designed to avoid that weird front facing view. This bodes well for Epic using this filter and style to tackle similar styled characters in the future. For now though, the latest Fortnite collab shows the skin designers can find a solution to any character design quirk that might make skins look like a bit different in Fortnite.

In-Game Items

New skins are fun, they could even end up some of the best Fortnite skins in the future. The really special Fortnite collabs bring items in-game too. Fortnite X Futurama has already added something extra to the game. There’s a brand new in-game item to join the rest of Chapter 4’s guns, Bender’s Shiny Metal Raygun!

In function, it’s very similar to the Raygun that popped up in Chapter 2 Season 7. It hits hard but is useful at closer ranges and fired from the hip. It has unlimited ammo too, which is always a bonus. Instead of using shells it fires energy. While you can’t run out of ammo, you are hit with a cooldown after firing continuously for too long while the weapon calms back down. Like the Star Wars pistol, it’s always fun to have something with a unique mechanic like this in the lootpool.
fortnite futurama

Futurama Fortnite Raygun

Source: GGRecon

Fortnite X Futurama is one of the more unique crossovers we’ve had in a while. Rather than yet more superhero skins or more gaming icons, Epic is bringing in a side of media that’s not as well represented in the game with the Fortnite Futurama collab. It’s perfect timing with the cartoon returning from cancellation for about the 5th time though!

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