During the downtime for update v25.20, it would seem that Epic Games accidently revealed information related to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4. According to leaker/data-miner FortTory, they have revealed the NPC spawn file for the next season. The file in question, likely contains information about all upcoming NPCs that will be featured on the island in some capacity.

Among which, one of the upcoming NPCs’ ID « LagerEventData_VampireBoss, » seemingly suggests that a Vampire Boss of sorts will be present on the island. With Fortnitemares 2023 taking place every October, this is a likely indication that this NPC is being created for the occasion. For the time being, this is the only NPC Boss that has been discovered in the files.

What will the Vampire NPC Boss do in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 (Fortnitemares 2023)?

Fortnite is working on a new ‘VampireBoss’.
– LagerEventData_VampireBoss

My best guess would be for next Season / Halloween!

As with all NPC Bosses in-game, they tend to be harder to eliminate than regular NPCs. They also often contain better loot-drops than normal NPCs. In all probability, this Vampire Boss NPC will be a mini-antagonist of sorts in Chapter 4 Season 4. Given the naming scheme, it may be able to inflict direct damage on players’ hit-points by bypassing their shield-points.

That being said, it’s unlikely that this Vampire Boss NPC will be connected to the storyline. As seen time and again, Boss NPCs appear on the island for a brief amount of time before being vaulted again. This time around, something similar will likely occur. Nevertheless, the community is optimistic about the possibilities.

@FortTory doctor michael morbius

Some seem to speculate that Epic Games may be doing a collaboration with Morbius. While this theory seems rather far-fetched, it makes sense. Considering that Kraven The Hunter will be debuting in cinemas on October 6, 2023, and is set in the same universe as Morbius, there is a connection. Nevertheless, for the time being, this is all based on speculation.

Rift Encounters and Wildlife will be present in Chapter 4, but not all of them

Epic accidentally added the Chapter 4 Season 4 NPC spawn file in this update

It includes a new Fortnitemares boss codenamed « Vampire ». No other bosses are referenced

Rift Encounters & Animals will be staying in S4

#Fortnite pic.twitter.com/oqZ1prEY8p

Aside from the Vampire NPC Boss and a potential collaboration with Sony’s IP, it would seem that Rift Encounters will be staying in-game for the upcoming season. Wildlife will also be present, but Llamas and Raptors will seemingly be vaulted. This leads to speculation about the Jungle Biome. Since Raptors were added in to make the Jungle Biome come alive, without them, things will get boring.

And as for Llamas being removed, this is rather odd as they are either way rare to come by in a match. No doubt Capture Points have reduced the utility of Llamas, but removing them makes no sense. Perhaps Epic Games will provide an explanation at the start of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4.

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