Ahead of the first-ever Red Bull High Grounds tournament, our Fortnite building guide provides the best tips and tricks to make you better than a bloke named Bob.

The possibilities to build covers, entire buildings or stairs have set Fortnite apart from other Battle Royale games since its release. However, if you want to satisfy your inner builder, you have to work quickly and efficiently. We present the best Fortnite building techniques.

With a little practice you can even build your own fortresses

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If you play Fortnite on the PC with mouse and keyboard, you should definitely adjust the key assignment as soon as possible. By default, you call up the building menu with the Q key and create individual components using the F key row. However, this is far too complicated and awkward.


Adjust the controls so that you can comfortably reach every component such as a wall, a floor, a staircase or a roof with one hand at any time. For example, if you move with WASD, you should place the building options on the surrounding keys such as R, E or Q, or X, Y or C, respectively.

This way you can move at the same time and create new structures. Especially in combination with the jump (space bar). Give yourself a little time to internalise the new controls. This works best in Fortnite creative mode, where you can play around and build to your heart’s content.


Can we see your builder’s license, mate?

Simple and effective building works in Fortnite even without instructions

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Before we get to the building techniques, here are a few quick tips on building in Fortnite:

Before you start building, make sure you always have enough resources. When you’re moving around the map and you are sure that there are no opponents nearby, get out your pickaxe and collect what you can.

Especially later in the game, as building becomes more and more important and without wood, stone or metal you won’t get far.

When building, the position of your piece is of crucial importance. For example, some players find it easier to build to the right or to the left. You should align your character accordingly. If you prefer to build to the right, place yourself slightly to the left of the centre of the position where you want to build, and vice versa.

You also decide the position of your crosshairs. Depending on where exactly you look at a wall, new structures such as roofs, walls or floors are created above or below you.

However, since in most cases you want to build upwards into the air to gain a tactical advantage, the crosshairs should always be placed in the upper half of the screen. Otherwise, you’ll be heading downwards.


The basics: ramps as cover

It (usually) all starts with ramps

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A very effective and simple way to secure some cover in open terrain is to build ramps. You can create these in front of you or next to you with the press of a button and you are no longer quite so unprotected while sprinting to safety.

But don’t be too predictable and don’t climb every ramp. Use them as a distraction, adjust the height and simply walk around some ramps.


Fortnite Construction 2: 90s

The 90s have established themselves as an essential building technique in Fortnite and are the first thing you should internalise. The name says it all, because with this technique you perform a 90-degree turn after each object you build.

Within a very short time, you can build huge spiral staircases that reach up to the sky. And from above, of course, you have a huge height advantage because you can keep an eye on the surroundings.

You start here with a ramp, then place two or three walls, a floor and another ramp that leads to the next floor. Getting this done quickly requires a little practice – but anyone who has seen professionals building with 90s knows how quickly you can gain height.

Ramp to ramp to ramp: Ramp Rush will get you to the top quickly

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If you need to go particularly fast, you can use the so-called Ramp Rush to quickly build your way up. In principle, you simply build ramp after ramp to gain height.

With additional walls behind the ramp and an additional floor underneath, you can also give your structures more security should an opponent shoot at them.


Building roofs – Coning

With the cone-shaped roofs, you can gain an additional advantage when building. For example, they serve as an extension for the 90s and offer protection from opponents if they reach the top faster than you in a building duel.

This folds forwards or backwards and gives you extra cover upwards, while you can then continue building in the opposite direction.

Changes direction when building with side jumps

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The Fortnite Side Jump building technique is a little trickier. It is ideal for reaching your opponents from the side and flanking them. Here, you have to create a new floor or ramp underneath a roof to one side. You simply jump over to it and can continue building from there.

Timing is crucial here, because only if you jump in time can you place the next floor or ramp in the right place and continue building upwards. So be sure to practise this technique in a quiet environment.

With the press of a button, you can remove individual parts from your built floors or roofs in Fortnite. This is not a feat. However, in combination with the simultaneous building of new structures above your head and the editing of already built parts, this can be quite tricky.

If you master this building technique, however, it has a great advantage. Because you only remove a part of a structure, most of the cover remains. Use this to create narrow passages or to install windows – especially practical in a building duel.

Another effective option is to build tunnels in an elevated position – so-called Tunneling. Here you build one box to the next in the air.

Each box consists of a floor and three walls around you. Once you have built a box, simply edit the front wall and create the next box behind it. This way you are protected from all sides at all times.

Of course, there are many more Fortnite building techniques such as the Mongraal Edit, 180 Edits and much more. But with these techniques, you are ready for the beginning.

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