Call of Duty has seen a surge of new operator skins this year, which are a result of collaborations with different franchises. This has led some players to fear the game is slowly becoming Fortnite.

A few claim the CoD franchise has been falling off for quite some time now and is becoming a money-printing machine similar to Fortnite with all the new operator skins, as they discussed on Reddit on July 27. The discussion itself started after the author posted the picture of the new Nicki Minaj skin.

“I can’t jack CoD no more, this don’t even look like CoD man. I blame Fortnite tbh,” the author states. Others point out that the developers of the beloved franchise have focused on earning money through these operator skins and collaborations. “Everything has become a gross obsession with addicting people to shit and having them pay more and more and more,” one top comment reads.

On top of that, another player claimed despite CoD going in a direction similar to Fortnite, Epic Games’ production is far superior in terms of skins.

Truth be told, Fortnite was the first game to properly introduce the idea of skins from other pop-culture franchises, and after a few years, other titles like CoD followed suit. But, the idea of having some skins and collaborations can’t be hurtful to the franchise unless it takes away developers’ focus from gameplay and so on. This has also been pointed out by some fans.


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“You don’t like it. Don’t buy it. Cool. Move on with your life,” one of them responded.

The Nicki Minaj skin itself is a part of a celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip hop. The rapper will join the game alongside Snopp Dogg and 21 Savage on Aug. 11. At the start of July, CoD saw another series of new skins, this time from The Boys comics and TV show.

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