Gusion is a highly popular assassin hero in the wildly successful mobile MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. With his quick movements, high burst damage, and complex yet rewarding combo mechanics, it’s easy to see why he’s a favorite among the game’s assassin mains. Equipped with a powerful yet high-risk playstyle, Gusion’s kit allows him to dart across the battlefield, teleporting between targets and unloading devastating ability combos. His Sword Spike ability is particularly fearsome – when landed, it often results in an almost guaranteed kill, no matter where the target is on the map. Gusion’s lightning-fast dashes and blinks make him an incredibly slippery and evasive target, especially when facing teams with limited crowd control options. For players who invest the time to truly master Gusion’s intricate combo system, the payoff can be immense. Weaving together his abilities in the optimal sequence unlocks massive damage potential, allowing skilled Gusion mains to single-handedly turn the tide of teamfights.

However, this high skill ceiling also makes him a liability in the hands of inexperienced players, as improper ability usage can leave Gusion vulnerable and easily punished. Countering an skilled Gusion player requires a nuanced and coordinated approach from the opposing team. The two primary methods involve either disrupting his combo sequence or having access to temporary invulnerability tools during teamfights. Abilities that can interrupt Gusion’s dashes or skills are invaluable, as they prevent him from freely assembling his full burst rotation. Likewise, defensive ultimates or invincibility frames can help allied carries survive his initial onslaught, buying critical time for the team to retaliate. Overall, Gusion exemplifies the risk-reward dynamics that make Mobile Legends such a compelling and strategic experience. His high skill floor and overwhelming damage potential make him a double-edged sword – a hero who can single-handedly dominate a match in the hands of a maestro, but also one who can quickly snowball out of control if not properly contained. Mastering the art of Gusion is a deeply rewarding endeavor, but facing off against an exceptional Gusion player requires careful planning, coordination, and awareness from the opposing team.


For Gusion mains in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, the hero Ruby can be an absolute nightmare to face on the battlefield. Her unique kit and playstyle make her one of the most effective counters to the mobile assassin. Ruby’s second skill, “Don’t Run, Wolf King!”, is the cornerstone of her anti-Gusion toolkit. This powerful crowd control ability allows her to disrupt and interrupt Gusion’s deadly combo sequence, stunning him in place for a brief but crucial duration. With a cooldown of only 7 seconds, Ruby can repeatedly stun and disrupt Gusion, making it nearly impossible for him to successfully burst her down in the chaos of teamfights. Adding to Ruby’s Gusion-disrupting capabilities is her passive, which allows her to dash after using any of her skills. This enhanced mobility can be used to deftly avoid Gusion’s signature Sword Spike ability, robbing him of those easy, instant-kill opportunities that are so crucial to his playstyle. Ruby’s ability to dart in and out of combat, delivering crowd control and avoiding damage, is a major headache for any Gusion player trying to secure kills. To help mitigate Gusion’s damage in the early game, it’s crucial for Ruby players to build an Athena’s Shield as one of their first major items. This defensive item greatly reduces the impact of Gusion’s burst, shielding Ruby and her allies from his initial onslaught. Later in the game, items like Oracle and Immortality become valuable options as well, further reducing Gusion’s lethal potential and ensuring Ruby’s survivability in the face of his relentless aggression. However, countering Gusion is not as simple as just picking Ruby and relying on her crowd control. The hero’s success against the assassin also depends on the overall team composition and coordination. Gusion thrives in disorganized teamfights, where his mobility and burst can overwhelm isolated targets.

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But when facing a Ruby supported by a team with additional peel, lockdown, and defensive tools, Gusion’s options become far more limited. Heroes like Lolita, whose shield can block Gusion’s Sword Spike, or Tigreal, whose ultimate can pin down the slippery assassin, pair exceptionally well with Ruby. Mages like Eudora, whose burst can quickly punish Gusion if he overextends, also complement Ruby’s disruptive playstyle. The key is creating a team environment where Gusion simply cannot freely execute his combo and escape unscathed. Of course, Ruby’s countering prowess is not without its own challenges. As a melee fighter, she can be vulnerable to Gusion’s mobility and burst if she finds herself isolated or caught out of position. Proper positioning, ability sequencing, and teamwork are essential for Ruby to effectively neutralize the assassin threat. Sloppy play or overextension can quickly lead to Ruby being the one on the receiving end of Gusion’s devastating combo. Furthermore, the continuous evolution of the Mobile Legends meta means that Gusion’s viability and Ruby’s effectiveness as a counter can fluctuate over time. New item builds, hero releases, and balance changes can shift the dynamic between the two, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. Overall, Ruby’s crowd control, mobility, and defensive itemization make her an incredibly effective counter to the assassin Gusion. Her ability to consistently disrupt his combo flow and survive his burst damage makes her a nightmare for Gusion mains to face on the battlegrounds of Mobile Legends. However, success is not guaranteed – it requires careful play, team coordination, and a nuanced understanding of the ever-shifting meta. For those willing to master the art of Ruby, the satisfaction of shutting down Gusion’s ambitions can be immensely rewarding.


When it comes to raw mobility and evasiveness, there’s arguably no assassin quicker than Hayabusa in the world of Mobile Legends. As a counter to the lightning-fast and combo-focused Gusion, Hayabusa’s unique skillset and playstyle make him a formidable adversary that can strike fear into the heart of any Gusion main. The cornerstone of Hayabusa’s anti-Gusion toolkit is his second skill, “Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow.” This ability allows him to rapidly blink multiple times around a large area for a few crucial seconds, creating afterimages that confuse and disorient his opponents. Hitting Gusion’s signature Sword Spike ability becomes incredibly difficult when Hayabusa is darting around the battlefield, leaving behind decoys and constantly shifting his position, making it nearly impossible for the Holy Blade to land that crucial disable. Furthermore, if Hayabusa manages to land his hits while “Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow” is active, he can then trigger his devastating ultimate, “Ougi: Shadow Kill.” This ability not only deals massive burst damage, but also grants Hayabusa temporary invulnerability, making him immune to Gusion’s combo onslaught. The combination of Hayabusa’s evasive maneuvers and his ability to safely retaliate can be a nightmarish scenario for any Gusion player, who suddenly finds their carefully orchestrated combo disrupted and their damage potential severely reduced. However, mastering Hayabusa’s complex mechanics is not an easy feat, and this is where many players stumble in their attempts to counter Gusion. The precise timing and positioning required to effectively utilize “Ninjutsu: Quad Shadow” can take considerable practice and game experience to perfect. It’s highly recommended that aspiring Hayabusa players first hone their skills in classic matches, getting a better feel for the nuances of his blink-intensive playstyle before taking on Gusion in more competitive settings.

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Once the fundamentals of Hayabusa’s kit are solidified, facing off against the Holy Blade can become a much more manageable task. The assassin’s sheer mobility, combined with his ability to negate Gusion’s burst damage, can turn the tide of an encounter in Hayabusa’s favor. With the right execution and team coordination, Hayabusa can prove to be a formidable counter to even the most skilled Gusion players. It’s worth noting, however, that the matchup between Hayabusa and Gusion is not a one-sided affair. Gusion’s own mobility and burst potential can pose significant challenges for the ninja, especially if the Gusion player is adept at predicting and punishing Hayabusa’s movements. The assassin’s reliance on his blink-heavy skills means that he can be vulnerable to crowd control and lockdown effects, which Gusion can potentially exploit. Furthermore, the continuous evolution of the Mobile Legends meta means that the viability and effectiveness of both Hayabusa and Gusion can fluctuate over time. New item builds, hero releases, and balance changes can shift the dynamic between the two, requiring players to adapt their strategies accordingly. Ultimately, the success of Hayabusa as a counter to Gusion depends on the player’s mastery of the ninja’s mechanics, their understanding of the overall game state and team compositions, and their ability to outplay and outsmart the opposing Gusion. It’s a battle of wits, reflexes, and strategy, where the victor is determined by who can best capitalize on the other’s weaknesses while mitigating their own. For those willing to invest the time and effort into honing their Hayabusa skills, the satisfaction of shutting down a skilled Gusion player can be immensely rewarding. The thrill of outmaneuvering the Holy Blade, negating their burst, and emerging victorious from the clash of two agile assassins is a testament to the depth and nuance of Mobile Legends’ hero matchups.


As an experienced warrior-class hero, Minsitthar possesses a unique toolkit that makes him a formidable opponent against mobile assassins like Gusion. At the heart of this matchup is Minsitthar’s ultimate ability, “King’s Calling,” which creates a sizable zone of control that nullifies the effects of any directional blink skills used within its radius. This is a game-changing ability when facing off against Gusion, as it completely shuts down the Holy Blade’s primary means of evading, repositioning, and executing his devastating combo. Gusion’s Sword Spike and Incandescence ultimate become effectively useless when trapped within Minsitthar’s area of influence, forcing the assassin to either retreat or attempt to fight through the disabling effect. Minsitthar’s prowess as a Gusion counter extends beyond just his ultimate, however. His other abilities also contribute significantly to disrupting the assassin’s playstyle. For instance, his first skill, “Shield Assault,” allows Minsitthar to charge forward and stun any enemies in his path, including Gusion if timed correctly. This can be a critical tool in preventing the Holy Blade from successfully executing his combo and escaping unscathed. Furthermore, Minsitthar’s passive ability, “Guardian’s Vengeance,” grants him bonus armor and magic resist when near allied heroes. This defensive boost not only helps Minsitthar survive Gusion’s burst damage, but also allows him to better protect his vulnerable carry allies who may be the primary targets of the Holy Blade’s onslaught. When it comes to item builds, Minsitthar players have several options to further bolster their anti-Gusion capabilities. Items like Cursed Helmet, which deal magical damage over time, can help chip away at Gusion’s health even when he tries to disengage. Similarly, defensive items like Athena’s Shield or Dominance Ice can provide Minsitthar with the necessary durability and crowd control resistance to withstand and counter Gusion’s attacks. The key to effectively playing Minsitthar against Gusion lies in positioning and timing. Minsitthar must be mindful of Gusion’s movements and movements, anticipating when the Holy Blade will attempt to engage and then quickly deploying his crowd control abilities to disrupt the combo. This requires a deep understanding of Gusion’s capabilities, as well as the ability to read the flow of the game and predict the assassin’s actions.

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One common tactic employed by skilled Minsitthar players is to closely shadow their team’s marksman or mage, using their presence to deter Gusion from initiating on those vulnerable targets. When the Holy Blade does commit to an attack, Minsitthar can immediately activate “King’s Calling” to trap Gusion, followed by a well-timed “Shield Assault” to stun and peel for his allies. However, it’s important to note that Minsitthar’s effectiveness as a Gusion counter is not a one-way street. Gusion players who are adept at the game can also find ways to play around Minsitthar’s abilities. For instance, they may opt to build items that provide crowd control immunity or resistance, allowing them to better navigate Minsitthar’s disabling effects. Additionally, Gusion’s high mobility and burst potential can still pose a significant threat to Minsitthar if the warrior is isolated or caught off guard. The Minsitthar player must maintain a strong sense of map awareness, constantly positioning themselves to protect their vulnerable teammates while also being ready to counter any Gusion aggression. In the end, the Minsitthar-Gusion matchup is a dynamic and intricate dance of skill, strategy, and adaptability. Both players must demonstrate a deep understanding of their hero’s capabilities, as well as the nuances of the overall game state, in order to gain the upper hand. It is a battle of wits and reflexes, where the victor is the one who can best outmaneuver and outplay their opponent. For Minsitthar players looking to master this counter-pick strategy, it is essential to invest time in honing their mechanical skills, studying Gusion’s playstyle, and developing a keen sense of map awareness and team coordination. With the right approach, Minsitthar can be a formidable deterrent against the Holy Blade’s lightning-fast assassinations, providing vital protection for their team and creating opportunities for decisive counterattacks. As the Mobile Legends meta continues to evolve, the dynamics between heroes like Minsitthar and Gusion will undoubtedly shift, requiring players to adapt and refine their strategies accordingly. But for those who can truly master the art of Minsitthar’s anti-Gusion toolkit, the satisfaction of shutting down the Holy Blade’s reign of terror can be immensely rewarding, cementing their status as skilled and versatile players in the ever-changing landscape of this beloved mobile MOBA.

Mastering the timing and positioning of Minsitthar’s crowd control abilities to disrupt Gusion’s combo.


Constantly building defensive items to mitigate Gusion’s burst damage.


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