There are four seasons in life: Fall, winter, spring, and pool season—and it’s not hard to see why the latter is most people’s favorite. As fun as they are, pools are a considerable amount of work and require a generous splash of gear, from cleaning gadgets and chemicals to toys and ways to sneak in a little shade. This is a supersized list of essentials every pool owner (or aspiring owner) should consider. Take a deep dive with me as we wade through pool must-haves!

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A Cordless Pool Cleaner

61TTPB5UQyL. AC SX679 1
  via Amazon  

This pool cleaner has a powerful tri-motor system, which means it works faster and better. It deep cleans the bottoms and sides of your pool, removing build-up and debris effortlessly. One click and it works its cleaning magic!

A Trusty Maintenance Kit

21 1
  via Amazon  

This start-up kit has everything you need to get started for in-ground and above-ground pools, including stain remover, shock, algaecide, clarifier, and more. It’s a great, all-in-one solution you don’t wanna miss.


An Otter-Themed Pool Float

81p4X5kD5XL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

Kick back and relax on your new otter-themed pool float. It’s large enough to seat two (only if you want to).

Use code B0BN6WCFP6 for 25% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

Some Colorful Pool Lights

61KGjMv HL. AC SX679
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These floating pool lights add ambiance and color to your pool with three brightness options and four color-changing modes. Similar to the size of a baseball, these are USB-rechargeable and have a long battery life.

A Stand-Alone Towel Rack

  via Amazon  

This towel holder puts everything in its place. It has three adjustable bars and built-in clips to secure the towels. The accessory table on top is perfect for sunglasses or sunscreen.

A Bingo Game for Your Pool

A1hfijL0mL. AC SX679 1
  via Amazon  

Play a famous game we all know and love when you’re out on the water: bingo. This bingo kit comes with everything you need, from cards to game pieces, and it comes with a carrying case so you can take it on the go.

A Cordless Pool Cleaner

61ZpofkoF1L. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This Aiper pool cleaner keeps your pool free of debris and leaves. It has a cordless design for easy maneuvering on the bottom and sides of your pool. And it has a 15-hour battery life.

A Reliable Surface Skimmer

17 1
  via Amazon  

This wall-mounted surface skimmer sucks up those leaves and debris before they have a chance to sink. In-ground pools often come equipped with a skimmer basket but above-ground and inflatable pools do not, so this is a great option.

A Stack N’ Play Pool Game

8114P0PXs4L. AC SX679 1
  via Amazon  

This stack-n-play pool game is great for all ages. It comes with ten inflatable pieces you can stack in any way you want and two floatable balls.

Use code B07P8BCK6N for 31% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

A Backup Volleyball

  via Amazon  

It doesn’t hurt to have a backup volleyball, and this one is made with durable materials so it’ll be around for many summers to come.

Accurate pH Test Strips

5 1
  via Amazon  

These test strips work in as little as one second, testing the makeup of your water from total alkalinity to pH to chlorine. The color chart on the exterior of the bottle shows normal values so you can adjust as needed.

A Time-Saving Pool Cleaner

71zECRf3fuL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This robotic pool cleaner has dual motors that deep clean your pool floors and sides. It has a cordless design and a self-parking feature when the battery is low, and it works on in-ground or above-ground pools.

A Multifunctional Storage Seat

  via Amazon  

This storage seat has a secret space for pool toys, patio cushions, and more. When the lid is closed, it also provides a seating area. There’s no worry over the weather either, rainwater flows right off the box to keep your gear dry.

A Deep-Cleaning Pool Skimmer

71ktAyPZY0L. AC SL1500
  via Amazon  

Keep your pool sparkling clean this summer with this smart, app-enabled pool skimmer. It’s solar powered and it also monitors your pool temperature.

Extra-Large Beach Balls

71EieGcYI1L. AC SX466
  via Amazon  

Your kids will have a blast with these extra-large beach balls. They’re great for throwing around in the pool or kicking in the sand at the beach.

Use code B0BXFS3J5Z for 25% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

A Flamingo-Themed Pool Thermometer

51WMEKX69bL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

There’s only one right way to test the temperature of your pool water and it’s with this floating pool thermometer in a fun flamingo design. The temperature reading range goes up to 120 degrees, making it useful for hot tubs as well as pools. It comes with a rope for easy reach.

An Engaging Pool Basketball Game

  via Amazon  

This splash hoop includes a poolside basketball hoop, two balls, and a pump to inflate things quickly. This has a near-perfect five-star rating across nearly 6,000 reviews.

A Floating Pool Light

  via Amazon  

Add some ambient lighting to your pool with these floating pool lights. They have three lighting modes and they’re solar-powered. Leave them in the pool all day and enjoy the light at night.

A Pop-Up Sun Shade

91kNw56BWuL. AC SX569
  via Amazon  

Give yourself a break from the sun with this Sun Ninja canopy. It’s quick to install and made with lightweight materials so it’s easy to take along on a beach day.

A Convenient Pool Cleaner

71fIS5zhxL. AC SX679 1
  via Amazon  

This pool cleaner runs for over 2 1/2 hours before it needs recharging. It deep cleans your in-ground pool’s floors and sides from top to bottom.

Some Colorful LED Lights

81ahBTyKD5L. AC SX569
  via Amazon  

Transform your pool into a captivating visual display with these waterproof LED lights. They come in a two-pack and a remote control that allows you to change colors.

An Entertaining Ring Toy

  via Amazon  

These swim-through rings would make for a perfect pool game. You can adjust the diameter to your liking and take them apart easily to take them with you on vacation or to the pool party down the street.

A Kiddie Mini-Pool

71LuIhHqFAL. AC SX569
  via Amazon  

Make a splash with your little one with this inflatable baby pool. It’s cushioned with a soft floor and anti-skid traction so your kids will stay in place and be comfortable.

A Flamingo-Themed Pool Slide

81LPjCISgnL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This pool slide will be a hit at your next pool party. It’s inflatable and is quick to install. It has built-in sprinkles to keep it wet for maximum sliding, and it’s made with a durable material so it’s puncture-resistant.

Use code B0BYT5SL34 for 15% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

Some Solar-Powered Garden Lights

patio firefly lights
  via Amazon  

Experience the magic of the night with these fairy lights. These unique lights sway gently in the wind, thanks to their soft and flexible wires. There are no installation or wires needed—simply plant them in your garden and switch them on.

Some Striped Pool Towels

  via Amazon  

This four-pack of beach towels is perfect for summer with vibrant colors and highly absorbent, quick-drying fabric. They’re large, making them ideal for wrapping yourself up.

Interactive Pool Floats

91HcduX5FZL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

You can play the classic pool game of chicken without hopping on any shoulders. These pool floats are your shoulders!

Use code B07QJW6B9W for 20% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

A Cordless Pool Vacuum

61iPgf g3LL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This pool vacuum is a handheld, rechargeable device that has two powerful cleaning modes. You can detail your pool steps, corners, and sides in just minutes. It has over an hour of run time before it needs to be recharged.

A Powerful Bug Zapper

flowtron electric bug zapper 1294c8e
  via Amazon  

Keep your pool area bug-free with this bug zapper. It comes with a replaceable bulb that bugs naturally gravitate to, and it covers up to an entire acre!

A Cleaning Net for Your Pool

20 1
  via Amazon  

This skimmer net lets you scoop up leaves and debris from your pool, big or small. It comes with four connecting pole sections, making a 60-inch-long grip once fully assembled.

A Pool Storage Bin

4 1
  via Amazon  

These pool storage bins are perfect for storing your pool gear. The mesh enclosure lets pool toys air dry to shun mold and mildew, and they come on wheels so you can easily store them and get quick access.

A Safety Alarm

  via Amazon  

Get peace of mind with this smart alarm. It’s compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant and goes off with a siren and an alert on your phone if someone were to fall in the pool.

A NERF Pool Float

  via Amazon  

This ride-on racer is like a pool float and jet-ski combined. It has a built-in super-soaker to take down your friends and family. Be sure to snag two of them!

A Pack of Pool Toys

  via Amazon  

This toy set includes 30 different options for play including diving rings and stickers, “toypedos,” fish and octopus toys, and six treasures you’ll love tossing in the water and then finding.

A Robotic Pool Cleaner

61PIXvq6FTL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This robotic pool cleaner works cleaning wonders on your above-ground pool. Say goodbye to build-up, leaves, and twigs! It runs for a full 90 minutes and self-parks when the battery is low.

Some Floatable Drink Holders

717BRqKyTjL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

These inflatable drink holders come in a pack of twelve and feature fun designs like flamingos, donuts, and palm trees. Reusable and eco-friendly, these lightweight floats work from the pool to the lake and in every body of water in between.

A Fruit-Themed Kiddie Pool

7 1
  via Amazon  

This kiddie pool has a juicy fruit theme that extends from a pool area to a slide to a built-in splash pad. It also includes a strawberry toy, ring toss game, and balls that fit in the fruit pieces on the sides of the pool.

A Slow-Dispensing Chlorine Dispenser

8 1
  via Amazon  

This floating dispenser releases the perfect amount of chlorine in your water. It holds up to three tablets with a four-level adjustable dial to control how much of the chemical is released into your water.

A Relaxing Pool Hammock

19 1
  via Amazon  

This hammock has a four-in-one design, meaning you can use it as a hammock, chair, drifter, or exercise saddle. The best part is that it folds up to next to nothing so you can throw it in a beach bag.

A Fun Watermelon Ball

91WiZApBkUL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This watermelon ball lets you play ball underwater. You can dribble, kick, or pass it and make your own fun games for the family.

Use code B0BL8BH316 for 10% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

A High-Performance Pool Cleaner

71avyX9pZUL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

The Aiper pool cleaner is a top-of-the-line cleaning solution for your in-ground pool. It comes with three cleaning modes so you can have it focus on certain areas. It also has a powerful quad-motor system for deep cleaning.

Two Zero Gravity Chairs

amazon basics outdoor
  via Amazon  

Dive into relaxation with these zero-gravity chairs. They offer weightless comfort with removable padded headrests and detachable side tables for convenience. Easy to store and portable, they’re perfect for taking along.

A Chilling Cooler with Wheels

71sDqS2no3L. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

Keep your drinks and snacks cold with this outdoor cooler. It has room for up to 110 12-oz. cans, keeps drinks cold for up to 36 hours, and has a fully removable hinged lid for quick access. It’s built on wheels so you can move it easily and has a bottle opener on it.

A Flameless Mosquito Repellent

13 1
  via Amazon  

This flameless mosquito repellent is a must-have, pool or not. It’s scent-free and comes with. a 12-hour refill. Once started up, it creates a 15-foot zone of protection using heat-activated technology.

A Large Family Float

91kqR6Pq2uL. AC SX679 1
  via Amazon  

This honey-comb-themed pool float sits six, so it’s great for families. It’s made with durable PVC materials so it’s built to last.

Use code B0BSMR9SWR for 20% off from July 1 onwards. Code not valid or required on Prime Day, discount will be automatically applied.

A Pet Pool

14 1
  via Amazon  

This foldable pet pool is great for your pups (and kids) because it’s easy to store and even easier to move. There’s no inflating required and a bottom/side drain makes it easy to refresh the water as needed.

Some Classic Pool Noodles

16 1
  via Amazon  

This set of pool noodles includes five 52-inch hollow foam noodles you can use for everything from swimming assistance to floating and beyond. It’s available in a variety of colors.

A Floatable Tray

18 1
  via Amazon  

This floating tray holds drinks and snacks in one place. Made using premium foam, this tray is built to last for use at the pool, beach, lake, and more.

A Heat-Retaining Solar Cover

  via Amazon  

If you have a rectangular pool, this solar cover is for you. Described as a “heat-retaining blanket” for in-ground and above-ground pools, this minimizes water evaporation, increases temperature, and helps retain heat long-term. You can even trim it to fit your exact size pool.

An Efficient Pool Cleaner

71sXfi5v3L. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This pool cleaner comes with four different cleaning modes, so you can customize it to focus on specific areas of your pool. It’s a great way to ensure pool maintenance and no physical expense to you!

An Easy-Install Pool Fence

  via Amazon  

This pool fence is an absolute must if you have little ones (or have neighbors with little ones) and comes in lengths from 12 to 108 feet. Installation is easy with complete hardware and clear instructions; all you have to do is drill the necessary holes.

Effective Beach Towel Clips

23 1
  via Amazon  

These beach towel clips will keep your towel firmly in place on your chair (instead of blown over into the yard). They’re just small enough to take on the go.

A Pong-Themed Float

71rmRKZuuCL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This float pool lounge lets you play any variation of cup pong. It comes with a 10-cup setup and will liven up your next pool party.

A Kickboard for Your Kiddos

  via Amazon  

A great training tool, this swim kickboard is lightweight and super buoyant to help them build confidence in the water. It’s well-liked by shoppers, too, with a 4.5-star rating.

An Above-Ground Pool Ladder

  via Amazon  

This pool ladder has a corrosion-resistant metal frame and heavy-duty plastic steps. With double-sided steps, swimmers can come and go from the water simply and safely.

A Doggy Life Jacket

amazon basics dog adjustable ld18b2c
  via Amazon  

This life jacket is made for your canine companion. It’s adjustable to fit your pup and it comes in four different sizes. Its bright color offers high visibility and two handy grab handles add an extra layer of safety and control.

A Heavy-Duty Solar Cover

  via Amazon  

Not only does a good solar cover protect your water from leaves and debris, but it can help warm your water more quickly. This round version is perfect for easy-set and frame pools (in a variety of sizes). This one has nearly 30,000 reviews so you can buy with confidence.

A Solar-Powered Pool Cleaner

71ktAyPZY0L. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This pool cleaner comes with app access, so you can set timers, set a quick clean, and get your pool’s temperature. It has a twelve-hour battery life and you can recharge it by plugging it in or leaving it in the sun.

A Fun Ball Game

25 1
  via Amazon  

This ball catch set comes with two paddles, two balls, and a convenient carrying case, this is a game that kids of all ages (even the big kids) will enjoy. Choose from blue/yellow, blue/green, pink/green, or a combo set of two colors.

Some Heating Solar Rings

71uylhiG L. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

These solar rings are composed of two sheets of vinyl that convert solar energy into heat, making your water warm (and keeping it that way).

A Pack of Anti-Fog Goggles

  via Amazon  

This six-pack of swim goggles will cover everyone in the family. They’re made of skin-friendly silica gel and have an anti-fog coating so you truly can see where you’re going.

Arm Floaties for Your Kiddos

  via Amazon  

These arm floaties are definitely essential when you have little swimmers to look after. Because of the wear and tear that can happen with these, you’ll get a set of six to last you throughout the summer.

A Durable Pool Cover

  via Amazon  

This pool cover goes over your in-ground pool. Use it to cover up for when your kids or pets are out or in the off-season months.

A Handy Pool Cover Reel

  via Amazon  

You know all of these pool covers we’ve talked about? Most are going to require at least two people to place and remove them. Let this reel set lend you a hand and get the job done.

A Privacy Canopy

4147RU6 jTS. AC
  via Amazon  

This pop-up canopy gives you a place to change in and out of your bathing suit. Lightweight and ultra-compact, it’s easy to put away. As a bonus, it has hooks for hanging clothes and an abundance of storage pockets.

Extra Storage for Your Pool Area

51mcZ9 i5hL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This deck box is ready to store all of your pool essentials. When it’s closed, it doubles as extra seating for your pool guests.

A Professional Robot Pool Cleaner

718Y2ntptpL. AC SX679 1
  via Amazon  

Meet the Aiper seagull pro: the powerful pool vacuum that suctions leaves, debris, and build-up. It has a fixed pattern for maximum efficient cleaning and a top filter you can easily clean out when it’s full.

A Multi-Functional Valet Cart

71WfB5sDqTL. AC SY879
  via Amazon  

This rolling towel valet puts fluffy beach towels at your fingertips poolside. It even has a separate compartment for dirty towels. It’s made with a fade-resistant material, so it’ll be around for many summers.

An Inflatable Pool

1 1
  via Amazon  

This inflatable pool is the next best thing to an above-ground pool. It’s oversized and perfect for kids and adults. It sets up quickly so you can be neck-deep in a matter of minutes.

Some Colorful LED Lights

  via Amazon  

These fully submersible pool lights come with a remote control, have 16 color-changing LED lights, and work on all types of surfaces thanks to their magnetic bonding method. It has three different brightness modes and you can even set timers.

A Pop-Up Gazebo

71JkEDSvyTS. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This pop-up gazebo provides more than 165 square feet of space, which is enough room for up to 12 people. it has zippered mesh you can put up and down to protect yourself from flying critters.

Some Solar-Powered Lights

  via Amazon  

Light the way to your pool with this 12-pack of solar ground lights. Waterproof and solar-powered, these lights are brighter than the typical options and will stay illuminated for up to 10 hours.

A Waterproof Phone Pouch

  via Amazon  

This phone pouch will let you take a dive with your phone on your person. This bag will hold iPhones, Androids, and everything in between.

A Floating Table

91KclLHoYfL. AC SL1500 2
  via Amazon  

Take your snacks and drinks in the pool with this floatable tray. It’s made with durable material that’s fade-resistant, and you guessed it: waterproof.

A Two-Pack of Beach Towels

amazon basics quick dry cabana7af6f2
  via Amazon  

Savor a beach day with these beach towels. This set of two is crafted from 100% ring-spun cotton for a soft feel. And they’re quick-drying!

A Pair of Swim Goggles

amazon basics unisex adult swi74f884
  via Amazon  

Take a dive and see everything with these swim goggles. They have built-in UV protection so you have protected visibility.

A Pop-Up Canopy

amazon basics outdoor pop up c7fdb9a
  via Amazon  

Give your next pool party some shade with this pop-up canopy. It comes with everything you need for a quick and easy install.

An App-Friendly Pool Cleaner

71A0R7FqSPL. AC SX679
  via Amazon  

This pool cleaner takes care of everything: from leaves, flowers, and twigs with its powerful motor. You can get your pool’s temperature or send your pool cleaner for a quick spruce right from the app.

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