In the quest for leisure and relaxation, we’ve gathered insights from founders, CEOs, and other tech-savvy leaders on their preferred gadgets for leisure and recreation. From the mindfulness-promoting tech-enhanced Rubik’s Cube to the melodic satisfaction of a digital piano, discover sixteen unique ways these innovators unwind and enrich their entertainment experiences.

  • Tech-Enhanced Rubik’s Cube for Mindfulness
  • Nintendo Switch: Gaming Flexibility
  • Streaming Device Transforms Home Theater
  • Oculus Quest 2: Immersive VR Escapism
  • Sony Headphones for Immersive Solitude
  • iPad: Versatile Entertainment Companion
  • Home Planetarium for Relaxing Nightscape
  • Philips Hue for Immersive Movie Nights
  • Apple TV: Effortless Entertainment Hub
  • High-Fidelity Sound System for Sonic Respite
  • Smart TV: Mini-Theater Experience
  • E-Reader: Portable Library for Relaxation
  • Wireless Projector for Cinematic Nights
  • Ember Smart Mug: Uninterrupted Warmth
  • Mini-Massage Gun for Instant Relief
  • Digital Piano: Musical Joy and Learning

Tech-Enhanced Rubik’s Cube for Mindfulness

Some of the very best games are classics, which is why I love this updated Rubik’s Connected Cube so much. The original toy is embedded with tech, including Bluetooth connectivity and a companion app to learn techniques, set high scores, and compete with other gamers worldwide. Beyond the Rubik’s game, you can play mini-games and battle directly with friends online. It’s so relaxing because it’s not just a game—it’s a mindfulness tool for moving meditation I can do when I want to destress.

Holgar SindbaekHolgar Sindbaek Founder & CEO, World of Card Games

Nintendo Switch: Gaming Flexibility

The Nintendo Switch is my ultimate source of joy and relaxation. I value its seamless transition from handheld to home console, offering gaming flexibility wherever I am. Its vast library, from indie treasures to blockbuster titles, significantly enhances my entertainment by providing endless choices. The Switch’s portability ensures I can indulge in gaming during travel or downtime, making it an indispensable companion for any gaming enthusiast.


Dane NkDane Nk Founder, That VideoGame Blog

Streaming Device Transforms Home Theater

The gadget that consistently enhances my leisure time is a high-quality streaming device. This tool has transformed my home into a personal theater, allowing access to a vast array of streaming services. For example, the integration of voice control and customizable app selections means less time navigating and more time enjoying content. It’s not just about watching TV; it’s an immersive experience that provides relaxation and joy after a long day immersed in tech and development.

Tyler HallTyler Hall Developer, TROYPOINT

Oculus Quest 2: Immersive VR Escapism

As the head of Online Games, I revel in the escapism the Oculus Quest 2 brings to my gaming life. Its immersive quality is second to none, offering a sanctuary where I can de-stress and embark on thrilling escapades.

The Oculus Quest 2 has redefined my downtime with its multiplayer capabilities. Engaging in VR battles with friends has not just been entertaining but has also deepened our camaraderie. This gadget is now a staple of my relaxation, infusing both tranquility and exhilaration into my everyday life.

Marin Cristian-OvidiuMarin Cristian-Ovidiu CEO, Online Games

Sony Headphones for Immersive Solitude

It’s my noise-canceling Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones. These headphones deliver exceptional sound quality and create an immersive listening experience. The noise-canceling feature is off the charts, and it is perfect if you want to disconnect yourself from the real world and enjoy the tunes in solace. You can fully engage with the content, be it a movie or your favorite album. These headphones provide me with the best experience and are one of my go-to gadgets when I have some time to spare.

Azam Mohamed NisamdeenAzam Mohamed Nisamdeen Founder, Convert Chat

iPad: Versatile Entertainment Companion

My iPad has been the best purchase of my life in the last few years. On my days off, I make it a habit to spend at least three or four hours de-stressing by either watching a film, reading my favorite e-book, or playing games with my husband. I feel a series of positive and negative emotions but end up feeling refreshed and light afterward.

Sitcoms are my favorite, though. I love laughing uncontrollably at one point and then feeling sad and nostalgic because I can relate to a specific character. Truly, it boosts my mood and helps in emptying my brain of useless thoughts. A few close friends even come over sometimes for girls’ night, and our shared love for watching rom-coms really helps bring us closer together. I don’t overdo my gadget use, though, and make it a point to go out from time to time as well.

Mimi NguyenMimi Nguyen Founder, Cafely

Home Planetarium for Relaxing Nightscape

This is a bit nerdy, but what brings me joy and relaxation during my leisure time is my home planetarium projector. This device projects a realistic night sky onto the ceiling, complete with stars, constellations, and sometimes even planets.

For example, after a hectic day, I dim the lights, set up the projector, and let the room transform into a serene nightscape. The gentle, twinkling stars and rotating constellations create a calming atmosphere, perfect for unwinding. It has also enhanced my entertainment experience by adding an educational twist—I enjoy identifying different constellations and learning about their stories. This gadget not only provides a unique and relaxing visual experience but also fosters a sense of wonder and curiosity about the universe, making my leisure time both enjoyable and enriching.

James OliverJames Oliver Founder,

Philips Hue for Immersive Movie Nights

The Philips Hue ecosystem has truly revolutionized the way I experience and interact with light in my home, transforming it from a mere functional element to a dynamic and versatile tool for creating ambiance, setting the mood, and enhancing my overall entertainment and relaxation experiences.

What I love most about the Philips Hue system is that it has enhanced my entertainment experience during movie nights. The Hue bulbs’ shift in color and intensity subtly creates a truly immersive cinematic experience that complements the on-screen action and enhances my overall engagement with the film. The soft, dynamic lighting helps to reduce eye strain while also adding an extra layer of ambiance that truly transports me into the world of the movie.

The Philips Hue system has also become an essential part of my self-care and relaxation routine. By programming the lighting to gradually transition from bright, energizing hues in the morning to soothing, warm tones in the evening, I’m able to effortlessly follow my body’s natural circadian rhythms and create a sense of tranquility and calm as I wind down for the night.

Josh QianJosh Qian COO and Co-Founder, Best Online Cabinets

Apple TV: Effortless Entertainment Hub

One device that truly brings joy and relaxation during my leisure time is the Apple TV. It seamlessly connects with all my other Apple devices, enhancing my entertainment experience in a way that feels both effortless and immersive. You can stream your favorite shows, movies, and even workout classes with just a few taps on the remote or your phone.

Its integration with services like Apple Music and Apple Arcade means everything is available in one place. Imagine winding down after a long day by watching a beautifully shot nature documentary or jamming to your favorite tunes while cooking dinner. The simplicity and intuitive design make it easy to use, and the quality of the content makes every viewing a pleasure. This little box has turned my living room into a personal entertainment hub that perfectly caters to my tastes and needs.

Mary TungMary Tung Founder & CEO,

High-Fidelity Sound System for Sonic Respite

Music has always been an escape for me, giving me a much-needed respite from the pressures of legal strategy and client consultations. My high-fidelity sound system, which includes an amplifier, a turntable, and modern speakers, allows me to immerse myself in complex, detailed soundscapes. This setup improves my listening experience and recharges me, allowing me to return to my clients refreshed and focused.

Listening to Beethoven’s 9th Symphony on vinyl is a good use of this technology. The depth and clarity of the sound provide a nearly live performance feel in my living room. It’s a meaningful experience that takes me away from my everyday pressures and reconnects me with my passion for the arts. It reminds me of the human spirit’s dedication and propensity for beauty, which is similar to what I work to safeguard in my law profession.

Incorporating high-quality audio into my leisure time has improved my personal life and indirectly boosted my work effectiveness. This demonstrates how even the smallest pleasures can have a huge impact on our general well-being and productivity.

Mark HirschMark Hirsch Co-Founder and Personal Injury Attorney, Templer & Hirsch

Smart TV: Mini-Theater Experience

My smart TV with a high-quality sound system is the lifestyle gadget that brings me the most joy and relaxation. It transforms my living room into a mini-theater, making movie nights and binge-watching sessions incredibly immersive. It has enhanced my entertainment experience through its streaming capabilities and integrated apps.

Access to a wide array of streaming services allows me to easily switch between shows without needing multiple devices. The sound system’s rich audio quality adds a new dimension to everything I watch, whether it’s a blockbuster movie or a nature documentary. This setup has made my downtime more enjoyable and provided a perfect way to unwind after a busy day managing my digital marketing company.

Marcus ClarkeMarcus Clarke Owner, Searchant

E-Reader: Portable Library for Relaxation

One gadget that has truly transformed my leisure time is my e-reader. Whether after a challenging trial or a long day with clients, curling up on the couch with my e-reader offers a perfect escape. It’s incredibly convenient to have a library at my fingertips, allowing me to switch between genres depending on my mood without cluttering my home with stacks of books.

The built-in lighting and adjustable text size mean I can read comfortably anywhere, whether I’m winding down before bed or enjoying a moment of solitude in a coffee shop. I love being able to highlight and take notes directly on the device, which helps me jot down interesting ideas or bits of wisdom that I might want to revisit later. It’s compact, portable, and has significantly enriched my downtime, making it a go-to source of relaxation.

Mia Mancinelli CloudMia Mancinelli Cloud Founder, Cloud Law Firm

Wireless Projector for Cinematic Nights

One of my favorite gadgets for relaxation is a wireless smartphone projector. This little device transforms any blank wall into a cinematic experience. Instantly, a boring Tuesday night can turn into a memorable movie marathon. It’s like bringing the theater into your living room without the hassle of tickets or the sticky floors.

Using the projector has truly elevated how I enjoy films and shows. Instead of squinting at a small screen or fighting over the couch spot closest to the TV, I get a sprawling picture right on my wall. Paired with some smart lighting and a good sound system, it feels like I’m at the movies every single time. This has definitely made my leisure time much more enjoyable and immersive.

Cesar CoboCesar Cobo Director of Operations, Webris

Ember Smart Mug: Uninterrupted Warmth

My weekend entertainment/relaxation ritual is to sit outside on my backyard patio on Sunday morning and just sip my cup of coffee for a couple of hours, and that is why my favorite lifestyle gadget is my Ember Smart Mug. One of the joys of this ritual is to sit in my quiet place uninterrupted, and though it may seem like a minor inconvenience, I get very annoyed when I have to get up to reheat my coffee.

The Ember Smart Mug allows me to keep my coffee at my constant desired temperature for the entire time I am enjoying my Sunday ritual, eliminating the need for me to go back to the microwave to reheat my brew. The Ember Smart Mug allows me to savor my relaxation time, making it my favorite lifestyle gadget.

Robert ApplebaumRobert Applebaum Plastic Surgeon & CEO,

Mini-Massage Gun for Instant Relief

The portable mini-massage gun has truly become a game-changer for my downtime. After a long day of organizing events and ensuring everything runs smoothly, muscle tension is almost inevitable. This gadget provides instant relief and relaxation, allowing me to unwind without having to step out of my home.

One notable way it has enhanced my life is during high-stress events. After hours of setup and running around, five minutes with the massage gun helps me feel rejuvenated and ready to enjoy the event’s festivities. It’s compact and convenient, fitting easily into a backpack, making it the perfect companion for both work and leisure.

Joe HoranJoe Horan Owner & CEO, Jumper Bee

Digital Piano: Musical Joy and Learning

I personally find immense joy and relaxation in my leisure time through a slightly unexpected gadget: a digital piano. Music has always been my passion, and connecting this piano to various apps for self-guided learning or composing has significantly enhanced my enjoyment.

Recently, I’ve begun integrating my practice sessions with a routine where I wind down from the day. The tactile feel of the keys and the immediate feedback on the melody create a soothing escape that relaxes me and rejuvenates my mind for the next day. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the best way to recharge isn’t by doing less but by engaging differently.

Christopher PappasChristopher Pappas Founder, eLearning Industry Inc

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