While the party is still going right now, the Fortnite All Sweat Summer end date is on the horizon. If you’ve been missing out on the set of challenges and the potential rewards you can earn, you may be wondering when Fortnite All Sweat Summer ends, and when your last chance to earn free items will be.

If you’ve been eagerly completing the Fortnite All Sweat Summer quests and earning lots of XP for the battle pass before the next Fortnite season kicks in, you don’t have long to get all of the challenges done. Here’s when the chill vibes will end, as we return to normal Fortnite endeavours.

Fortnite All Sweat Summer end date

According to an in-game message, the Fortnite All Sweat Summer end date is set for Friday, August 16, 2024. This lines up with the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 4 release date, giving you plenty of time to complete all of the quests before the event ends.

This also makes it one of the longest Summer events in recent memory at 43 days in total. Fortnite No Sweat Summer was around for 19 days back in 2022, while Summer Escape lasted a mere 14 days in comparison, but it’s likely that Epic Games’ annual break for employees coincides with the event this year. At the very least, that means the vibes won’t end as quickly as before.


There’s also another event around the corner, with the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean release date arriving during the All Sweat Summer festivities. So, if you enjoy the events in Fortnite, this should be a great time to dive in.

That’s everything we know about the Fortnite All Sweat Summer end date, and hopefully, you’ll have enough time to complete all of the quests during the event. Make sure to complete your Festival Pass too, as the Fortnite Festival Season 5 release date arrives at the same time the Summer event ends.

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