Fans can’t wait to read One Piece Chapter 987 spoilers since the fight will be starting very soon. The latest chapter is an absolute banger and the events that unfurled – they’ve riled up every manga reader out there. Let us discuss this in detail.

The Assassination of Kaido begins!!! The Akazaya wastes no time and goes directly for Kaido. Led by Kinemon and Denjiro, the first two followers of Oden, they try to run their swords through the evil man. Seeing them, Kaido can’t help but remember his fight with Oden. This panel is packed with 20 years of hatred.

There were 2 double spreads in the last chapter – 1 shows the deep bond and the extreme determination of the Akazaya. The other one shows the Akazaya attacking Kaido while yelling ‘Sunacchi’. Both of them are chilling and we can’t wait to see the colored version.

One Piece 987 Spoilers

Momonosuke proved that he is truly the son of Oden. Despite his young age, his bravery is astounding. The fact that he decided to leave no regrets and say out his name with pride, it fills everyone with joy. He can be a true leader of Wano. He must survive in One Piece 987 and be the leader that his father intended him to.

Black Clover 260 and My Hero Academia 280 will be releasing this Sunday, so you should check it out while you wait for the One Piece chapter to get released.

One Piece Chapter 987 Release Date:

We will have 4 chapters in August. There is no break next week. So the raw scans for One Piece Chapter 987 can be expected on August 5, 2020. The raw provider has had some trouble recently and so, spoilers might be delayed a day, depends on the situation.

The scanlators will start working on the raws. The English translation by fans will arrive on August 7, 2020. Normally, the French and Korean scans arrive hours earlier than English.

One Piece Chapter 987 will be officially released on 9th August 2020. They will be uploaded on Viz and MangaPLUS website, along with the Shonen Jump app. Consider subscribing to these services.

One Piece 986 Recap:

Chapter 986: My Name

At the rear entrance of Onigashima, all the Akazaya members are united. Kanjuro is down, defeated by Kiku. The memories of their old times hurt them all. Raizo and Kiku can’t help but cry. Kinemon is overjoyed to meet Izo. Leaving all the opponents on the snow, they proceed.

On the stage, Kaido has forced Orochi’s men to submit to him. He will respect the loyalty of anyone who opposes him, but they will be killed. Fukurokujo and the 5000 Oniwabanshu ninjas pledge loyalty. Hotei and the 5000 Mimawarigumi Samurai do the same. Hyogoro is disgusted by this lack of warrior code.

Big Mom has captured Nami and Carrot. Shinobu moves on to save Momonosuke. Kaido asks Momo his name. He doesn’t believe that Momo is Oden’s son. So he offers to spare the kid. Momo has to lie in order to survive.

Yamato is shocked to know that the kid is Momo. Luffy informs her of the plan and the Akazaya. Luffy proceeds to break Yamato’s cuffs. Who’s Who and Ulti are notified and they head to the stage. Usopp and Chopper head there too since they want to save Momo. Luffy and Bepo are inside someplace without action. Kid and Zoro are still busy fighting Beast Pirates.

While, Momonosuke faces Kaido’s question. He remembers his mother’s words of responsibility. He remembers Luffy’s courage. He remembers when Oden told him that his name stands for “The Peerless One”. Without hesitation, he shouts that he is Kozuki Momonosuke, the future Shogun of Wano.

One Piece Chapter 987

At this time, Yamato’s broken shackles explode. Yamato realizes that Kaido meant to kill her and stops considering him her father. She is angered. But Luffy controls her and tells her to wait till the battle starts. They will not be the ones to start the battle.

The Akazaya ambushes Kaido. The Calamities notice it. Izo shoots the sword off King. Nekomamushi hits the mace off Kaido’s arms. The Akazaya, led by Kinemon and Denjiro attack Kaido. Kaido suddenly remembers Oden. Yelling Sunacchi, the Akazaya attempt to stab Kaido. They all fall off the stage.

Read One Piece 987 Spoilers:

As of now, no spoilers of One Piece Manga 987 are available. We will post them as soon as we find them. Please wait patiently and keep an eye on this section. You can expect some leaks on 6th August 2020.

For the spoilers to be released the One Piece raw scans need to be leaked and translated first and only then the spoilers are available. So first we wait for the Chapter 987 raw scans and we will be sharing all the links here once they released.

One Piece Manga Chapter 987 Discussion And Prediction

The has been a great balance in the last 2 chapters. Chapter 985 focused pure on Kaido’s war plans and made the situation very desperate for the raiders. Chapter 986 perfectly brings it back to normal by freeing Yamato and making the Akazaya attack Kaido. One Piece Manga 987 will have more of this duel.

The assassination has officially begun. One Piece 987 will show how the Akazaya plan to execute Kaido. They knew that killing Orochi was a simple stepping stool, until they reached Kaido, their real enemy. But we know Kaido to be incredibly strong.

Who will win – Kaido or Akazaya? We believe this battle will be divided soon. Kaido will win in a 1v1 battle. But there are 9 Akazaya right now. So there is a chance of victory. However, King, Queen and Jack will waste no time to pincer the Akazaya, diverting their attention.

So here we are going to make a prediction. One Piece Manga 987 spoilers will show that at least one of the Akazaya will be beaten bloody soon. The Akazaya will face defeat in the hands of Kaido. But, in this commotion, Shinobu will have the opportunity to save Momonosuke.

Who’s Who and Ulti will be arriving at the scene soon enough. We believe Luffy and Yamato will have to deal with them soon. Page One is absent. He’s probably annoyed by his sister. He will chance upon Sanji. They will fight and conclude the battle of Soba Mask and Page One.

The explosion of Yamato’s shackles were immense. We’ve seen these types earlier in Wano and in Sabaody too. They were far weaker. This means Kaido really meant to kill Yamato by placing more dangerous shackles on her. He would tolerate no betrayal even though he abused her. Yamato is extremely angry and will definitely help bring Kaido down in the upcoming One Piece Manga Chapter Piece 987.

Usopp and Chopper are heading to the stage too. Their dialogue was interesting. They face some sort of giants. As we know, the Numbers are very large creatures. This hints that Usopp and Chopper will have to face a Number with General Franky Robot in One Piece Chapter 987.

We should note Luffy over here. He called Yamato – ‘Yamao’. This is just how he addresses his male allies, eg, Torao to Law and Gizao to Kid. He also made Yamato wait. He is someone who honors alliances. He let Law start the attack on Doflamingo. Similarly, he let the Akazaya start the attack on Kaido. Once it starts, he steps in to help.

With this, a huge melee will break out. Akazaya fighting Kaido. Calamities fighting Akazaya. Shinobu rescuing Momo. The Oniwaban and Mimawari coming for Shinobu. The hidden Samurai revealing themselves and attacking. The beast pirates fighting in confusion. The flanking from the side lateral troops. It will pan out perfectly for us.

Let us take a quick look at CP-0. We know the World Government wants weapons. They are probably spying on this right now, hidden in plain sight, just like the Samurai. They will assess the situation and act accordingly. We believe they will root against Kaido due to his announcement in Chapter 985.

Lastly, Momonosuke. This child has been an absolute wonder. It shows that he has the blood of Oden. Instead of choosing to live a life of a lie, he proudly announced his bloodline. He won’t hide his name and live with regrets. He will die and meet his parents with pride. He is not even a teenager and is extremely afraid of violent Kaido. And yet he did not falter. That is true courage.

One Piece Battle Theories:

Last time we said that Luffy will fight Queen and conclude his rivalry from the Sumo Inferno. So that leaves Jack empty. Luffy has been planning to defeat Jack for a long time. So, he will entrust the defeat of Jack to his most trustworthy crewmate – Roronoa Zoro.

Zoro will be the one to fight Jack. We know Jack to be extremely strong. So Zoro will have to draw out all his power. Ever since the timeskip, he has been holding back. Now in Wano, he will have the chance to unleash his 100% power.

According to Mr Morj, Zoro has the disposition of a King too. So he will unlock Conqueror’s Haki. It will be useful in his fight against Jack. And it makes sense – Raileigh had Conqueror’s Haki, Katakuri had it too. It only makes sense that the first mate of the future Pirate King will have it too. After all, Wano is a Zoro focused arc.

We also believe Zoro will open his left eye and that it has something to do with his Asura form. We have a feeling that he is a descendant of Ryuma, and regain Shusui. Using Shusui, Enma and Wado Ichimonji, he will bring down Jack.

One Piece Ending News:

There is a faint smell of the ending of the series. The promotion shows that the series is nearing its final points. After Wano, there will probably be a Final War arc, followed by an Epilogue arc. When One Piece reaches the 1000 Chapters Milestone, we will be left with around 200-300 more chapters.

We get about 32-38 chapters each year. Not counting 2020, One Piece will probably end in 5-7 years; meaning 2025 to 2027. And the anime will probably go up to 2030.

I know this is a sad news but as we all know, there are many great things to come and we can’t get more of this wano arc. We will be sharing all the spoilers and raw scans news as soon as they get released.

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