One Piece is the world’s most popular pirate adventure series and has been captivating audiences since its initial release in 1999, with more than 1,000 episodes spanning the last two decades. Following the protagonist, Luffy, on his journey to becoming the Pirate King, the series is back on its regular release schedule

The narrative follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy after he acquires the ability to stretch his limbs after eating a Devil Fruit. He embarks on a mission to locate the renowned One Piece treasure, which was left to him by Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King. So far, the series has achieved immense popularity, having been broadcast in over 90 countries, and has become one of the most popular anime series.

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One Piece Episode 1071: Release date, time, and recap

The latest episode of One Piece, Episode 1071, will be streaming in Japan on Crunchyroll starting Sunday, July 30 at 9:30 am JST. However, viewers in the US will have to wait until Saturday, July 29 for the episode to be released.

Previous One Piece episodes can be found on Hulu. The English dub of One Piece can also be found on Crunchyroll. Premium subscribers can watch new One Piece episodes weekly on Crunchyroll, while non-subscribers will have to wait one week after the first episode is released. Netflix has streaming rights to One Piece in certain regions, such as the United States, Canada, and Japan. 

For international viewers, Crunchyroll will provide a simulcast of the Japanese broadcast with English subtitles approximately one and a half hours after the Japanese broadcast. In the United States, this would correspond to the following times:

Eastern Time (ET): 10:00 p.m

Central Time (CT): 9:00 p.m

Pacific Time (PT): 7:00 p.m

One Piece Episode 1070 release date, time, and more

The official date for the release of One Piece Episode 1070 is 30 July 2023. In episode 1070, fans are speculating about how the raid will end. The Wano Country arc is coming to an end, and episode 1070 is going to be a must-watch episode for fans who are looking forward to the showdown between Luffy and Kaido, as well as the end of the Wano Country arc.

What happened in One Piece Episode 1069?

In episode 1069 of One Piece, Guernica, CP0, arrived on the Onigashima roof with a mission to get rid of Luffy. He got in the way of Luffy’s fight against Kaido, and Yonko was able to strike a powerful blow, taking out the Straw Hat leader.

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