The My Hero Academia series is currently in the midst of one of its most significant arcs, which serves as the culmination of the narrative. The franchise has enjoyed a long lasting success and has captivated the hearts of numerous viewers. The popularity of the show has been on the rise in recent years, and it can be attributed to the outstanding writing of the show’s creator, Horikoshi.

The popularity of My Hero Academia has grown so much that it has been given three films so far, each one being quite unique and entertaining to watch. And now, at long last, we have another My Hero Academia movie coming out, and there are already a few things that fans need to know about it.

All about My Hero Academia Movie 4

Much about the movie has not been disclosed yet, but at least we know that the movie will be set in the same time as the TV anime, which means it will most likely take place before the final war saga of my hero academy and after the war for Paranormal liberation.

Meanwhile, the film could very well take place around the time Deku graduates from U.A. High School, or maybe a little later. All we know so far is that the My Hero Academia film will take place in a collapsed society. No further details have been revealed to the fans yet, so there’s plenty of room for speculation.


My Hero Academia Movie 4: Release date and more

My Hero Academia Movie 4  will be released during the sixth season of the anime, which aired from October to December and comprised 25 episodes. It should be noted that Season 7 is already confirmed. The sixth season focused on Shigari’s rise to power, the downfall of the hero community, and Deku’s time as a guardian after leaving the UA and the repercussions of his actions. There are no more details about the plot of the new film yet, but more information is likely to be released in the near future.

Meanwhile, some fans are concerned that My Hero Academia film 4 will negatively impact the quality of Season 7 of the anime. After all, there are some animators who continue to work on the film, which can have a negative impact on the anime quality. This has happened in My Hero Academia before, and it could happen again, but if the schedule is good and there are no hiccups, fans have nothing to fear and plenty to look forward to.

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