The popular martial arts anime Baki Hanma features many fierce battles between Baki and powerful opponents with unique skills. One such rival is the prehistoric caveman Pickle, who possesses unbelievable strength after being revived from hibernation.

Pickle shares some similar traits with Baki and the legendary Hanma bloodline. This raises an intriguing question for fans – could Pickle actually be related to Baki?

Created by Keisuke Itagaki, Baki Hanma first debuted as a manga in 1991 before being adapted into various anime installments. The series follows Baki Hanma on his quest to become the strongest fighter in the world by surpassing his father Yujiro, known as the mightiest creature on Earth.

On his journey, Baki encounters brutal challengers with extraordinary abilities, including the feral caveman Pickle.

In this article, we will explore whether Pickle is related to Baki or not.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Baki Hanma manga.

Exploring Pickle’s origins and abilities

Pickle first appeared in the Baki manga series in volume 15 titled ‘Pickle the Caveman‘. He was introduced as an 8-foot tall, 200 kg prehistoric hunter who lived during the age of dinosaurs, over 100 million years ago.

Pickle’s body evolved to survive the harsh primal world. He has immense physical strength, speed, stamina, senses and instinct. His muscles, bones, nerves, and organs are all adapted to fight giant dinosaurs and predators. He uses no techniques, only brute force.

Pickle has very low intelligence and behaves like a wild animal. He cannot speak or understand anything except fighting. However, he does fear wasps, as they can still harm him after being eaten.

Overall, Pickle is a living fossil with all the attributes to be the perfect primitive predator and fighter. He is the result of natural evolution, not modern science.

Analyzing Baki Hanma’s origins and skills

In contrast, Baki Hanma is a modern human living in our current era. He was born to Yujiro Hanma, who possesses the strongest Hanma genes. Baki inherited this genetic potential, but also rigorously trained from childhood to hone his skills.

Baki’s body is adapted scientifically through training, not just by evolution. He controls his muscles, bones, blood flow, etc. Baki also has great intelligence for strategy and creating techniques. He masters various fighting disciplines and combines them fluidly.

While not as imposing physically as Pickle, Baki makes up for it with skill, creativity and wit. He can adapt on the fly to defeat any enemy. Baki does have the ‘Hanma blood’ running in his veins, giving him superhuman attributes. But he relies more on technical prowess.

The verdict: Pickle and Baki are not related

A man who lived and fought with dinosaurs millions of years ago is let loose in the modern world…how will Baki and his fellow fighters react?

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With their comparable abilities and interests, some fans speculate Baki and Pickle might be related by blood. However, this is not the case. Pickle belongs to a separate prehistoric era in human evolution millions of years in past. They are not even the same species.

However, it’s possible both Baki and Pickle share traces of the mysterious Hanma bloodline. This rare genetic trait produces monstrous martial arts talent and power. Pickle may have possessed one of the earliest forms of this Hanma DNA. And Baki directly inherited it from his father Yujiro.

While not literal relatives, Baki and Pickle are connected by the common thread of the Hanma legacy coursing through their veins. Their shared gifts and inclinations bind them across the vast gulfs of time separating their existences.

So in summary, Pickle is not related to Baki in Baki Hanma despite some similarities. They represent different eras and different paths to power.

Their connection is one of competition and friendship between the ultimate caveman and the ultimate martial artist.

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