If you’re wondering how to get the Golden Trait in Anime Adventures for Roblox, then we have the guide for you to help you get ahead.

Anime Adventures is a Tower Defence game in Roblox that allows you to use some of the most iconic faces in anime to help defend your base. Along the way, various traits can determine how your character will perform, including the coveted Golden Trait.

So, we’re here to break down everything you need to know about the Golden Trait in the game, and how you can make the best of it.

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What is the Golden Trait in Anime Adventures?

The Re-Roll Menu, Where You Can Try And Get The Golden Trait In Anime Adventures For Roblox
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In Anime Adventures, the Golden Trait is an exceptionally rare trait that has several unique features. Characters with the Golden Trait will gain:

  • 30% Damage Boost
  • 30% additional Yen
  • 30% increase in DPS
  • Golden Skin

So, if you’re looking to increase your money spend on units, as well as their overall damage and DPS, then the Golden Trait is one you may wish to aim for.

How to get the Golden Trait in Anime Adventures

The Golden Trait In The Anime Adventures Re-Roll Menu In Roblox
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Much like the Adept Trait, getting the Golden Trait in Anime Adventures is largely random, requiring you to either hope it comes already attached to a character or use re-rolls to try and force it.

While you can re-roll by speaking to the Wis NPC in the Evolve area of the Main Lobby, you’re not guaranteed Golden the first time. In the re-roll menu, you can see that you only have a 0.15% chance of getting the Golden Trait, making it even rarer than Celestial.

So, be sure to stock up on Re-roll Tokens and Star Remnants so you can use as many re-rolls as possible to get that precious Golden Trait.

That’s everything you need to get your Golden Trait in Anime Adventures for Roblox. With this trait, your units will have a much better chance of defeating your enemies.

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