Jujutsu Kaisen­ portrays a universe where ultimate malevolence and power manifest through Special Grade curses.­ This anime and manga series delves into a perilous world teeming with Cursed Spirits and predatory Curses that prey upon the vulnerable.­ To counteract their menace,­ Jujutsu sorcerers wield formidable abilities known as Cursed Techniques.­

In their intricate battle,­ a power-­scaling hierarchy classifies curse strength,­ forming a complex dynamic.­ The series captivates its audience with its dark depiction of sorcery,­ curses,­ and the eternal struggle between good and evil.­ Within the realm of animation and film,­ a plethora of diverse curses are introduced,­ each possessing unique powers and malevolent intentions.­

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. Any opinions expressed therein solely reflect the author’s views on the subject.

From the Finger Bearer to Ryumen Sukuna: Here is a list of all Special Grade Cursed Spirits in the JJK anime and film (Ranked strongest to weakest)

1) Ryomen Sukuna

In Jujutsu Kaisen,­ Ryomen Sukuna reigns as the most powerful malevolent spirit.­ Classified as a Special Grade cursed being,­ his command over cursed energy grants him unrivaled strength.­ Known for his arrogance,­ Sukuna takes pleasure in causing suffering and possesses two deadly innate techniques: Dismantle and Cleave.­

Furthermore,­ in Jujutsu Kaisen,­ Sukuna’s Domain Expansion, known as the Malevolent Shrine, establishes a sinister realm under his control.­ With an amalgamation of immense power,­ sadistic pleasure,­ and strategic prowess,­ Sukuna emerges as a formidable adversary throughout the series.­


As the King of Curses,­ he poses a significant threat due to his mastery over destructive techniques and extraordinary Domain Expansion abilities.­ It is clear that Sukuna plays a central role in the overall narrative of Jujutsu Kaisen

2) Cursed Rika Orimoto

Rika Orimoto,­ a powerful Special Grade Cursed spirit known as the Queen of Curses in the Jujutsu Kaisen series,­ possesses exceptional abilities.­ She originated from Yuta’s negative emotions after witnessing her tragic death and has since become an embodiment of his cursed energy.­ Rika’s unmatched power makes her a formidable adversary.­

In the world of Jujutsu Kaisen,­ Yuta and Rika possess a profound connection through their cursed energy.­ While Yuta exhibits her full manifestation,­ Rika demonstrates a partial form but still possesses a similar skillset and significant cursed energy.­

This immense strength stems from Rika’s existence as a cursed spirit,­ which brings forth years of suffering and malevolence that ultimately lead to death and destruction.­ Without a doubt,­ her power and presence establish her as an influential force within the Jujutsu Kaisen series.­

3. Hanami

Hanami,­ an unregistered Special Grade cursed spirit,­ emerges as a formidable antagonist in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.­ Aligned with Jogo,­ Hanami draws strength from the deep-­rooted hatred harbored by forests rather than humans.­ With powerful and deadly abilities at its disposal,­ this supernatural entity poses a significant threat.­

His innate technique allows him to manipulate and control the earth’s plant life and wield them to his advantage.­ In addition,­ Hanami commands a unique Domain Expansion called Ceremonial Sea of Light.­

With immense strength and agility,­ Hanami proves to be a formidable opponent in combat,­ but his mastery over nature adds an extra layer of danger.­ Undoubtedly, Hanami’s powers as a Special Grade cursed spirit establish him as a significant force in the Jujutsu Kaisen series.­

4. Jogo

Jogo is a Special Grade cursed spirit and a pivotal antagonist in ­Jujutsu Kaisen. He wields powerful flames through his curse technique.­ His immense cursed energy surpasses even three-­fingered Sukuna,­ which is confirmed by Gojo Satoru.­

Jogo’s domain expansion,­ known as the Coffin Of The Iron Mountain, and his formidable maximum technique pose a lethal threat to most sorcerers who dare to enter it.­

Despite facing off against the mightiest characters in the series,­ Gojo and Sukuna,­ Jogo remains a significant contender and ranks among the strongest in the story.­ With his Special Grade status,­ Jogo stands as a formidable force that leaves an impactful mark on the world of Jujutsu Kaisen

5. Mahito

Mahito,­ a Special Grade cursed spirit in the Jujutsu Kaisen series,­ embodies human disdain and hatred.­ Possessing unique and formidable powers,­ one of his most notable abilities is Idle-­Transfiguration.­ This allows him to reshape the souls of his opponents,­ enabling him to launch devastating attacks on others.­

It’s important to note that countering this exceptionally powerful cursed technique requires specific circumstances for protection.­ Mahito possesses a unique ability called Self-­Embodiment of Perfection,­ which falls under his Domain Expansion. This power allows him to both manipulate the environment and control his adversaries.­

6. Dagon

Dagon,­ an unregistered Special Grade cursed spirit aligned with Mahito,­ Jogo,­ and Hanami in Jujutsu Kaisen,­ originates from the fear of water-­related disasters.­ He is also a member of the Death Painting Wombs.­ Despite not displaying overt hostility like other cursed wombs,­ Dagon possesses immense power.­ He has the ability to manipulate water and wields formidable cursed energy.­

Dagon possesses extraordinary durability,­ making him impervious to attacks from formidable sorcerers like Nanami and Naobito.­ He commands the Oceanic Mirage domain expansion,­ unleashing devastating tsunamis that obliterate everything in their path.­ Despite being considered the weakest among disaster-cursed spirits,­ Dagon proves to be a significant adversary by challenging grade-­1 sorcerers.­

7. Choso

Choso,­ a powerful Special Grade cursed spirit in Jujutsu Kaisen,­ possesses an extraordinary blend of human and cursed spirit qualities.­ This fusion grants him immense strength and abilities.­ His Blood Manipulation technique,­ deriving from his unique cursed spirit-­human lineage,­ enables precise control over blood both inside and outside the body.­

As one of the Special Grades,­ Choso’s dominance within the realm of cursed spirits is truly exceptional.­ Noritoshi Kamo was left astounded by Choso’s devastating Convergence attack,­ while his Flowing Red Scale ability enhances endurance and strength through accelerated blood flow.­

Choso,­ a skilled martial artist,­ possesses enhanced combat abilities by manipulating ultra-­blood.­ This unique combination of lethal techniques and extraordinary cursed energy establishes him as an incredibly formidable opponent.­ His dual nature as half-­human and half-­cursed spirit,­ along with his mastery over Blood Manipulation,­ solidifies his powerful presence in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen

8. Eso

Eso,­ a Special Grade Cursed Spirit in the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen,­ belongs to the Cursed Womb:­ Death Painting family.­ In terms of strength,­ Eso surpasses his sibling Kechizu.­ Eso possesses immense cursed energy and strength that are characteristic of Special Grade entities.­

He wields cursed energy,­ employing it for offensive purposes and displaying mastery in the Rot Technique.­ This technique,­ marked by a floral pattern,­ hastens decomposition in his victims.­ As a result,­ Eso gains control over corrosive dark blood endowed by this method.­ Eso’s imposing and malevolent presence embodies sadism,­ representing an unyielding threat to sorcerers throughout the series.­

9. Kechizu

Kechizu possesses incredible strength and cursed energy as a Special Grade Cursed Womb:­ Death Painting curse.­ His appearance is unique,­ featuring a sizable mouth on his chest.­ Moreover,­ his blood is highly toxic and corrosive. Remarkably,­ Kechizu has the ability to convert his occult energy into blood, allowing him to produce an unlimited amount without being vulnerable to death by blood loss.

Kechizu,­ a member of Mahito’s group,­ possesses a deadly ability to rot his enemies by spitting out his own blood.­ This makes him an invaluable asset in their scheme to conquer Japan.­ Despite being the weakest among the three Death Painting curses,­ Kechizu remains a formidable adversary.­

10. Finger Bearer

The Finger Bearer,­ is the first Special Grade curse introduced in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. It crosses paths with Yuuji,­ Megumi,­ and Nobara at the detention center.­ These spirits emerge from cursed wombs when they consume Ryoumen Sukuna’s fingers,­ granting them immense cursed energy.­

Although considered the least formidable among Special Grade curses,­ Finger Bearers remain an undeniable menace,­ thanks to their direct association with Sukuna’s fingers.­ This connection grants them extraordinary strength that cannot be overlooked.­ While their individual capabilities may differ,­ the fact remains that they draw upon the power emanating from Sukuna’s fingers, emphasizing their unparalleled might.­

Originating from cursed wombs,­ Finger Bearers embody a distinctive amalgamation of power—­a blend characterized by invincible fingers and an imposing presence of cursed energy.­ These attributes unmistakably establish them as formidable adversaries.­

Final Thoughts

The Jujutsu Kaisen­ anime and film present a captivating depiction of a world infected by curses.­ The narrative introduces viewers to a diverse range of powerful curses known as special-­grade,­ each more menacing than the last.­

These special-­grade curses not only showcase the creative brilliance of the series’ creators but also contribute to its enduring popularity among fans who enjoy supernatural action and dark fantasy genres.­ As sorcerers continue their intense battles against these curses,­ their strength serves as a testament to the intricacy and intensity of the ­Jujutsu Kaisen­ universe.­

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